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The Price of Reputation

   by Mike Mulvihill How much is your company’s reputation worth?  In the case of BP, apparently the U.S. government’s estimate is $20 billion. That’s how much the government has told BP it must set aside in an escrow account to restore public trust in BP, and, oh by the way, to expedite payments to […]

Amazon Watch out for Facebook E-Commerce: Are You Ready to Go Shopping on Facebook?

By Priya Ramesh If you haven’t already, I urge you to please, please read the TIME magazine’s recent review of Facebook becoming the social DNA for over half a billion users worldwide. The article talks more about the privacy challenges BUT pay attention to the growing force that this social network has become. Facebook’s 0ver […]

BP Plan Snafu: Maybe Time for Wisdom of the Crowd?

The most recent revelations about the state of BP’s crisis plan offer important lessons for public relations professionals, and to ignore the wake-up call is to ignore a moral obligation. The AP ran its story Wednesday night, noting a long list of problems with the 582-page regional spill plan and the 52-page plan for the destroyed Deepwater Horizon rig. The […]

HIPAA: Why the Sky Isn’t Falling (Despite Recent News)

By Jenn Riggle Hospital lawyers, long known for being extremely cautious and risk-averse, have been acting like Chicken Littles when it comes to social media. They warn hospital administrators about the dangers of social media – when for the most part, their concerns have been unwarranted. Hospitals across the country are posting updates to their Facebook […]

The Peter Brady Factor: How to Keep Your Brand from Throwing a Social Media Pity Party

By Marcy Walsh Remember the episode of The Brady Bunch in which Peter Brady throws himself a “hero” party and no one shows up? Many brands today are feeling the pizza and soda pop blues when their contests or sweepstakes fail to attract hundreds of friends or followers in spite of what appear to be […]

Social Media Calls PR Home

By Mike Mulvihill  That’s right; PR folks have taken the lead in owning social media initiatives. A recent survey from the Strategic and Public Relations Center at the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism showed that more companies put control of social media in PR’s hands than any other area of marketing.  Why? I […]

Press Releases Dying. Time to Socialize Your Company Announcement

By Priya Ramesh I am not sharing anything that’s not already been said a gazillion times by my peers in social media but I owe it to my clients and communicators like you who still spend countless hours writing, rewriting, editing and going through a herculean approval process to create THE press release. Wake up! […]

“Refresh Everything” – Even Healthcare

By Jenn Riggle When Jeff Howe published his groundbreaking book about crowdsourcing in 2008, it was hard to imagine it would have such long-reaching effects. Crowdsourcing has become a household word, largely due to projects like the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. Rather than spend $20 million dollars to create one of those cute SuperBowl ads, Pepsi […]

Salt Wars: Food Processors Draw a Line in the Sand

New York City has been the battleground for the new Nanny State of Food Police. First it was the ban on trans-fats, then menu labeling laws. Now, the city has its sights set on salt. Other municipalities, states and even the federal government are joining the fight in an effort to reduce the chronic diseases […]

Let BP Fix It

by Mike Mulvihill BP sure has made a mess of things, literally as well as figuratively.  Their continuous ineptitude from a communications standpoint  is astonishing. But, it pales in comparison to the operational futility BP has displayed in stemming the flow of oil into the Gulf.  Like Mary Shelley’s Victor Frankenstein, BP appears to be much better […]