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B2B Social Media Sessions that You Must Attend at NewComm Forum 2010

By Priya Ramesh I am eagerly looking forward to joining my extended social media family this week at NewComm Forum in San Mateo, CA, April 20th-23rd. It’s like a home coming for communications pros who are also in the front and center of helping brands get more social. As I glance over the nicely done […]

Can Social Media Supercharge Dr. Visits?

By Jenn Riggle People may be going to the Internet for health information, but the Internet isn’t going to replace doctors. Actually, it may improve communication between doctors and patients. Today, a typical doctor visit lasts only 15 minutes. That’s why it’s important for people to know what they want to discuss before they meet […]

Promoted Tweets Will Help You Manage Online Reputation

By Priya Ramesh It’s about time Twitter started monetizing. In my opinion yesterday’s official announcement to draw money from ads is not such a bad thing for companies already engaged on Twitter. I have repeatedly said this and will say it again, while Twitter is considered the ultimate viral machine to get your message out […]

A Tale of Two Damaged Brands

by Mike Mulvihill Toyota just can’t stop sticking its finger in the proverbial light socket these days.  As my blog post back in early February lamented when the automaker took 10 days to communicate to the public about its rapid acceleration problems, Toyota’s approach to crisis communications has repeatedly been too little, too late.  Now, […]

Many Roads Lead to Rome

Per my post last week, this will be my last regular contribution to the Buzz Bin (The Roman Road image by Erwlas). Before I begin, I want to thank my many loyal readers who said kind things to me off and online about the blog. You rock. At first, I was tempted to pull my […]

Digital Recruiting and the Hot Health Care Job Market – Can Marketers Help?

Guest post by: Charlotte Evans It is true. The HWS Labor Market Pulse® Index shows hospitals in the San Francisco Bay, Philadelphia and Tampa areas are ramping up recruitment, even though just last month other hospitals across the U.S. were laying off employees. As the economy continues to recover and health care reform shakes out, […]

Being a voyeur is not a game anymore

We like the risk of being watched. The thrill of knowing people follow your every move with rapt attention strokes the ego and makes us celebrities in our own little bubble. It started with blogs, went to lifestreaming, now location awareness with push notifications is the big game in town. So why is location based […]

Greenies, do not despair. Obama has not forsaken you

By Mike Mulvihill Young climate activists, who worked to mobilize voters in order to elect President Obama, are expressing great disappointment in the President’s recent announcement to expand oil leasing into large areas off the Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico, It’s Getting Hot in Here (dispatches from the youth climate movement) dismays their generation is […]

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

by Geoff Livingston After four years and more than 800 blog posts published here on the Buzz Bin, it’s with some regret that next week’s post will be my last regular contribution to the blog. Though I may make a guest appearance here and there, this will be it. Why, you ask? I have run […]

Big Companies: Good Agencies Are Horizontal

by Michael Whitlow Sean Corcoran’s post this week for Forrester was interesting, as always. His research has companies sitting on the fence between giving social media work to their traditional ad agencies and putting it in the hands of generally smaller shops that specialize. So (surprise) many big marketers are treating the digital pursuit of marketing […]