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The Trust Veneer Problem in Social Media

Yet another trip. Yet another lost bag. I am increasingly aware of the challenges businesses face in earning real trust, and this week I was left (without a change of clothes) to ponder yet again just what is going wrong in this regard. My airline can’t get me and my luggage to the same place at the same time. My car […]

Singing the Praises of the Twitter Hashtag

By Jenn Riggle In order to effectively use Twitter, you need the right tools. And for me, it’s TweetDeck and hashtags.  You’ve probably heard your friends or colleagues complain that Twitter can be such a time drain. But as we all know, there’s No Pain, No Gain, and you need to invest time and energy […]

You Can’t Run From Problems

In the new world of communications, everything’s public and conversations happen with or without your organization (image by Martino). We know this. Yet some companies (and people) seem to hide from their very public problems, perhaps a condition of 20th century PR techniques. You can’t run from the mirror. If anything online media shows us, […]