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Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

by Geoff Livingston Many organizations make the mistake of thinking they can go 0-60 miles per hour with two-way communities. In doing so, they start out on a path to quick failure, almost like going to jail in Monopoly (image by HarshLight). Before when can succeed with major initiatives online, it’s important to check back […]

Time for (More) Social Media Support of Green Power

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Green Power Network may not yet be a network in the social networking sense, but the groundswell in the green energy corner of the electric utility business holds promise of reaching a tipping point as word is passed about the consumer’s ability to buy green power through the use of […]

How Marketers Can Prepare for the Next Wave of Mobile Adoption

By Jenn Riggle There’s been a lot of talk about whether mobile applications like Foursquare and Gowalla are going to be the “next big thing.” But let’s be realistic — it’s going to take years before either of these gain widespread acceptance. Instead, let’s talk about what’s happening in mobile now. When mobile phones first […]

Productive Crowdsourcing Requires Community Management

One of the hotter memes in online media today is the crowdsourcing trend. Sparked by recent cause marketing (Pepsi) and product development successes (Cisco), everyone wants to talk about crowdsourcing as the new ethos of the social web. But the crowd is not always trustworthy as research shows (see this post for crowdsourcing negatives), creating […]

Can Social Media Help Blunt “Mean” Greens Influence?

So, in the latest turn of events in the pell-mell race to “sustainable” and “green” and “post-consumer” products, we hear  from researchers that green people are mean people? C’mon!? The Guardian pulls this one out from the journal Psychological Science, quoting psychologists Nina Mazar and Chen-Bo-Zhong, who say that those who wear their green consumerism on their […]

Social Media May Be The Media Darling, But E-mail Is Here To Stay

By Jenn Riggle We’re seeing the U.S. Postal Service reeling from the impact of social media. Whether it’s the popularity of online bill payments or the movement away from letter writing, “snail mail” just isn’t what it used to be – especially if it means the end of Saturday mail deliveries. You have to wonder […]

PR has Social Media “Buffet” Problem

I heard a great analogy this weekend in a discussion about the online theft of music versus the continuing propensity of Boomers and Gen-Xers (almost alone in this) to still pay for their music in the form of CDs or iTunes purchases. The remark went something like this: “Just because you’re able to observe my behavior at […]

SxSW Vibe: Enough Social, What’s Next?

by Geoff Livingston This year’s SxSW had an interesting flavor to it (image by marcatsworld). You get the strong feeling that conversations and panels about social media have hit the wall. There’s an air of autumn to the conversations, and a consistent undercurrent revolving around what’s next. Everyone knows that organizations are still rapidly moving […]

Seven Ways Hospitals Can Address Facebook Criticism

By Jenn Riggle Honesty may be the best policy – but sometimes it can hurt. While social media allows organizations to engage in honest conversations with their customers, it can also provide a forum for angry customers to voice their concerns. How you respond to these comments says a lot about you and your organization. […]

Is Trust In Twitter Misplaced?

Now that Twitter hype is starting to cool off a bit, marketers need to take the time to evaluate the real value of this social network. First of all, Twitter offers a great place to talk with technologists, marketers, journalists, select stars and cause-activists. However, it’s not that great of a social network to reach […]