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Sitting on the Fence: Twitter or Facebook

By Jenn Riggle I have a confession to make – I’m not a huge Facebook fan. Now don’t get me wrong, I have lots of friends who love Facebook. They’re always telling me how it’s changed their lives, making it easier to keep up with high school and college friends. By the same token, organizations […]

60,000 Droids a Day Keep the Apple Away

Right now it seems every company wants to build an iPhone app. Yet given that 60,000 Android phones ship every day, one has to wonder how much longer Apple will have a lock on shiny object syndrome du jour (image by Andrew Mason). That’s roughly 5.4 million a quarter, and the numbers continue accelerating to […]

PGA Shanks Tiger Woods Decision

Eventually, it had to happen. Tiger Woods had to speak in “public” about his, uh, situation. But, did official golfdom have to provide the venue? Enough has been said about Tiger to fill several PR crisis communications classes, and the true, sad fact of this matter is that too many of us still care too […]

Are Hospitals Tilting at Windmills Searching for Social Media ROI?

By Jenn Riggle How do hospitals measure their social media return ROI? Or are they tilting at windmills and trying to fight an imaginary foe like Don Quixote. Too often, we find ourselves counting the number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers or the number of people who viewed YouTube videos, trying to justify engagement […]

Google’s Great Buzz Gamble

In 1944, the ABC — comprised of the remnants of the NBC blue network — launched to compete with NBC (Red) and CBS. Last week marked the very loud and controversial launch of Buzz to more than 175 million Gmail users. After almost a week to digest the launch, I’m starting to think Buzz is […]

Sharing Awe

I’m often asked by clients just what it takes to “go viral” or “get a million views.” It’s really quite simple, it appears. All you need is awe. There is nothing more interesting than human relationships and responses, even in the virtual world, and humans use relationships to spread happiness. The British Medical Journal said that social networks may […]

Public Relations is Like a Clean Bathroom…

By Jenn Riggle Why? Because it’s easy to take a clean bathroom for granted until you really need one. It’s a well kept secret, but public relations is the driving force behind the majority of news stories. When you think about it, the only stories that aren’t PR generated are crime, traffic accidents and weather/natural […]

Trust Me

 By Mike Mulvihill  Photo: Exercise in Mistrust from Black wolf Okay, so the last 18 months have been near cataclysmic for many Americans.  We lost our money in the stock market, our jobs and even our homes. We’re mired in a two-front war. We loaned money to save the very institutions that created the financial […]

Fragmented Branding – The 21st Century Reality

by Geoff Livingston We live in a world where anyone can hijack a brand and put it on the Internet with their own views, positive or negative (image by Brent Nelson). Brand control no longer exists, in large part because of widespread fragmentation of traditional and citizen-created media. The resulting brand distortion creates a situation […]

Toyota Took Risks. Did PR Know?

The recent massive recall at Toyota, aside from breathing new life into a moribund General Motors (an Obama conspiracy?), raises an interesting question for public relations folks. If your management makes a conscious decision to take more risks in manufacturing, is it also obligated to communicate this strategy’s potential impact to stakeholders, particularly customers and investors? The […]