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Showing Love Increases PR Influence

We were sitting in an agency board meeting the other day, and our chairman posed an important question. To paraphrase: “Are showing our clients enough love?” We counsel on employee and community engagement. We work for Satmetrix, a great customer experience and relationship company. Yet, in trying to help bring success to our clients, we may be allowing […]

Is Social Media the “Road to Nowhere” for Hospitals?

By Jenn Riggle It can be if you don’t know where you’re going. And according to new research from Greystone.Net, this seems to be the case — only 1 in 3 hospitals have a social media plan. I’m not quite convinced of the accuracy of this research, which reports that 9 in 10 hospitals/health systems […]

Gird Your Loins – The Lawyers Are Coming

By Mike Mulvihill Photo courtesy of PadiProductions Yes, prepare to defend yourself. Social media isn’t exactly the place where people have tended to be careful about what they say. It’s Wild West, say what comes to mind in much of the social media world. But you’d best start being careful what you say lest you get […]

Get Mobile Now

Image by fotoboer This morning I am speaking at the first ever Social Media Breakfast in Washington, DC. The featured topic is, “What trends or predictions do you believe will prevail? How can we be visionaries in a space as dynamic as social media?” The answer? Get mobile now. From the incredible outpouring of donations […]

Conan Interruptus – Socializing Old Media

There is nothing like a PR disaster to get the ol’ buzz rolling, and the ongoing mess surrounding NBC’s evening lineup has added some fun for those of us who don’t have to deal with it from the inside or for any of the sparring camps representing the hosts.  The move to push Conan O’Brien off the air […]

Nothing’s permanent, not even death.

By Wyatt Wood It seems to be a reoccurring trend, at least in the blogosphere, to step back and evaluate the balance that time spent online (largely spent in social networks) affects our lives. This desire for balance is a good move; considering the research showing damaging physiological changes created by increasing use of social networks and the associated […]

The Conversation about the Conversation

by Geoff Livingston Maybe it’s because I was gone for two months on a sabbatical, but returning to my reader has been a disappointment. Let me be more specific. In particular the social media, PR and marketing blog posts about PR, social media, marketing and, yes, the general “conversation,” read like a time warp back […]

10 Years From Now – A Look Back

Again this year, I got links to dozens of those inevitable posts that come up at the beginning and end of a year. All this got me to thinking about both inevitability about wishes for the future. An email from a friend came also, remindin me of a whole list of things that weren’t around in the olden days […]

The Digital Kids of Generation X

By Jenn Riggle Music soothes the savage beast – and my pre-teen daughter. As the mom of two tween girls, ages 9 and 11, there’s always a lot of drama in my house. My youngest is a Chatty Cathy with an opinion on everything, while my oldest is a woman of few words – just […]

Social Media To The Rescue

With all the buzz over the earthquakes in Haiti it seems that real time search combined with social networks are making strides in the relief efforts. Yesterday evening I watched traditional media coverage of the large search and rescue operations on standby while online Twitter and Facebook covered the efforts and situation that were happening […]