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The Battle for the Mobile Internet Begins

War was declared a long time ago, but now the battle finally begins in earnest.  2010 marks the year that Google Android and its many manufacturer and carrier partners took on Apple and its exclusive wireless carriers. The final prize?  The primary determinant of the third web boom, the mobile Internet. All the other handset […]

The Lowest Common Denominator

by Geoff Livingston To get social media adopted in a conservative organization — a.k.a. a highly regulated company or government body — one really needs to research the entity’s culture and laws closely (Little Known image by victorrjr). In many cases, the battle comes down to identifying incorrect preconceived notions about social media and then […]

Facebook Privacy Suit Holds Caution for PR

There is nothing quite like a social media dustup. Most are literal tempests in teapots. Even if the teapot represents 100s of millions of participants, and even if thousands and even millions get all bent out of shape about something, there’s usually not so much as a ripple created in the analog world by events in […]

Is Santa Real? Searching for Santa in Social Media

by Jenn Riggle Christmas is right around the corner and once again, my nine-year old is asking me the age-old question: “Is Santa Claus real?” I’ve told her that like every good manager, Santa delegates some of his jobs so he can focus on preparing for Christmas. She understands that the Santa at the shopping […]

The Ghost of Christmas Future

The holidays are fast approaching, and with it, the time of year known for selfless generosity. While social media is helping shoppers avoid in person holiday sales and still get a great deal, it’s not all about buying the gifts, which is on a strong surge. With the true spirit of the giving season, the […]

Ten Things I Could Do Without In 2010

by Geoff Livingston Last post I waxed poetic about the new decade and what it could bring. Of course, one could simply focus on the New Year. Conversational media forms have changed our world for the better, but with the good comes the bad. Here are some things that have worn out their welcome, in […]

Trouble Lurks in Social Media Guidelines

In October, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued its Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonial in Advertising. The new guidance is game-changing, as many have commented upon. Some have even said that the FTC, particularly in its comments about “typical” results claimed in advertising and other promotion, has changed the rules in the […]

No Pain, No Gain: Lessons Learned From My Year With Twitter

By Jenn Riggle The end of the year is a good time for reflection. And since Christmas Eve marks my one year anniversary on Twitter, I thought I’d write about the tips and tricks I’ve learned about the social network over the past year: Three is a Magic Number: Like exercise, walking your dog and […]

Don’t Think – Live Your Questions

I am the ultimate perpetual kid, fascinated by how things work and known to take anything apart especially if it isn’t broken (yet). If you’ve followed my posts in the past, you know that I am obsessed with the concept of search. Thankfully, I’m not the only one. Apparently the engineers at Google are dedicated […]

Golden Rules for Twitter: Interview with Shel Israel

By Priya Ramesh Not a single day goes by without us hearing the word “Twitter” from friends, colleagues or on TV. With 18M Twitter users by the end of 2009, it makes perfect sense for a company to invest sometime maintaining its visibility on this social media phenomena. But is it just enough to add […]