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Can Marketers Serve the Female Economy?

by Geoff Livingston Joan of Arc by D.B. King Since the holiday shopping crush has begun in earnest, perhaps we can acknowledge one of the great undercurrents of our time, the rise of the female economy. To quote Harvard Business Review, “Women now drive the world economy.” This reality will become even more obvious as […]

Top Ten Social Media Turkeys in 2009

by Geoff Livingston What better way to role into the Thanksgiving holiday than to poke a little fun at some turkeys? We can all use a laugh.  The following list represents some of 2009’s biggest Turkeys in social media. 1) Ashton Kutcher: Really? Really?  Did we really make this guy into the Twitter icon of […]

Conscious Capitalism/CSR Creates True Fans

The really old school capitalists like to say that the only business of business is to provide a return to shareholders. Long before the concept of “stakeholders” came into being, business was conducted, customers and suppliers were treated fairly or not, and it all somehow moved along. Now, companies need to do better. The concept […]

HIPAA: The 800-Pound Gorilla

by Jenn Riggle Let’s just acknowledge the 800-pound gorilla in the room. Social media gives legal departments heartburn. While this is a problem for all industries, it’s an even bigger issue for health care because of a little something called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, more commonly known as HIPAA. The irony is […]

Should Photographers Rethink New Media Rights?

by Wyatt Wood As a semi-pro photographer I encounter unique situations everyday involving photography, rights management and social media. Note: every locality has their own laws that any person taking pictures should abide by – this post is not about the legality or rights of taking photos as a photographer (while it may touch on […]

Social Media: How Much Is A Good Thing?

by Mike Mulvihill Photo: yospyn.com A survey from the CMO Club bemoans that four out of five CMOs allocate less that 10 percent of their budgets to “experimenting” through social media and non-traditional communications channels.  This is juxtaposed against the rising use of social media – more than 35 percent of adult Internet users have […]

Should We Trust the Crowd?

Overexposed crowd image by Victoria Peckham by Geoff Livingston One of the strangest aspects of newfound freedom is the want to run riot over everything. You can see this with attitudes towards free content, popular theories, unconference and crowdsourced conference content, and general crowd-sourcing initiatives. In reality, these initiatives bring great creativity to bear (many […]

New GE Brains Boost Buzz

Paul Glader’s article last weekend in The Wall Street Journal online about a new twist in the ongoing GE up-from-the ashes saga gave me hope that public relations people will get their day in the sun at this famously left-brained outpost of capitalism. I’m a great fan of GE — even took some Six Sigma […]

Social Media vs. Corporate Carpetbaggers

by Jenn Riggle Social media can help bring people together and drive social activism. And more importantly, it can help level the playing field when corporate carpetbaggers knock on people’s doors. Not unlike the California Gold Rush of 1849, oil and gas companies are moving to rural areas across the country to access the precious […]

Are You My Mother? And Social Networks

by: Wyatt Wood Real life relationships are complex enough, add the digital medium with a sprinkle of ego and the relationship points become more complicated. In a social network defining relationships beyond friendship is a tough problem to solve. In the story “Are You My Mother?” by P. D. Eastman, the baby bird explores the […]