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Crisis Prep Before “Going Social”

There’s lot of talk these days about the use of social media in responding to a crisis. Traditionalists feel that being that transparent in a crisis is just a bad idea. “Control the messages,” they shout. Others say  “Engage genuinely and quickly  – it’ll go a long way to preserving your reputation.” Mark me down as in […]

This Halloween, Try On a New Personality

by Jenn Riggle At this time of year, children across America are trying on costumes and making the all important decision – Who do they want to be for Halloween. Come to think of it, it’s also a good time for hospital communications departments to step out of their comfort zones and  decide what sort […]

Using Special Olympics to Overhaul My Social Network

by Wyatt Wood This past weekend I participated in the first Over The Edge VA 2009 event, participants who raised $1,500 in donations for Special Olympics were given access to rappel down 25 story Suntrust building in Richmond Virginia. I had the opportunity to participate both as a rappeler and as the roof top photographer. […]

FOX News – Just an Old School Troll

 By Mike Mulvihill Transparency is certainly top of mind in the SM world as a result of the FTC ruling on endorsements and testimonials (i.e., pay-to-blog). The ruling has drawn commentary from far ranging sources such as the Council of PR Firms to Chris Brogan. Like Chris, I don’t know what’s so hard to get […]

Gotta Love Seth Godin’s Latest Moves

by Geoff Livingston We often talk on the social web about responsiveness and how that means more to a reputation than stumbles and bumbles. Well, there’s no greater example right now than Seth Godin. Last month Godin had a couple of stumbles, of which he was highly criticized by leading nonprofit and marketing bloggers, including […]

CEOs Heal Thyselves!

by Michael Whitlow Since its placement on the investor relations firmament, the earnings conference call has been a focus of the CEO.  As the quarter ends, and disclosure committee meetings, preliminary numbers and general internal optimism or pessimism takes hold, CEO intensity is amping up. But, as sure as there is one quarter behind you; […]

Can Gen Xers Revolutionize the Workplace?

By Jenn Riggle My colleagues jokingly call me “JennX” because I’m one of those angry Gen Xers who’s tired of hearing how Baby Boomers have changed the world. But recently, I’ve decided to change my tune – and I’m not alone. After being in the workforce for nearly 20 years, Gen Xers are starting to […]

Do the Wave! It’s Hard to Catch On

By Wyatt Wood Last week I received my invite to the Google Wave phenomenon – it really wasn’t as enticing as I hoped, I’m glad I didn’t spend $5100 on it. I watched the videos, saw the preview demonstrations and even drank the Kool-aid as a die hard Google fan, but something is missing. After […]

What’s the Worst Thing That Can Happen with Social Media?

by Priya Ramesh I have been spending a lot of time trying to become a trust agent for our clients venturing into the unknown territory of social media. Kudos to you for taking the risk of the unknown, and trying to give social media a fair chance.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained! It doesn’t matter how […]

What’s the Price of Bad Behavior?

by Mike Mulvihill My last Buzz Bin blog post about Jackasses, F-bombs and Incivility focused on recent bad behaviors online and offline. This weekend, there were refreshing signs that bad behavior does have its payback (photo by Blumie the Koala). Kanye West, fresh off his Taylor Swift grab-the-mic dis, was forced to cancel his tour […]