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Old/New Media Multiplying Whines?

I love The New York Times. I really like the writing of David Segal. I didn’t like Segal’s “Soapbox” column last week where he added the muscle of his newspaper to one person’s battle with T-Mobile. (Full disclosure: we represent another mobile firm).                 Anyway, long story short, his subject complains about a never […]

Why Hospitals Need to Retweet

by Jenn Riggle I read a great article by Brian Solis this week about the science of retweets. The article got me thinking about why hospitals don’t use the Twitter retweet function more often. According to Ed Bennett’s most recent list of hospitals engaging in social media, 297 U.S. hospitals have established Twitter accounts. Yet […]

3 Ways To Use Curiosity To Convert Fans Into Activists

By Wyatt Wood Originating from the human desire to share, its obvious that the success of social media is the ability to connect users. A network’s success is determined by how easy it is to connect and share. For example compare Twitter vs Plurk, Facebook vs MySpace, Bing vs Google (perform your own comparison). Success […]

Lubricating the Wheels of Social Media

by Mike Mulvihill There is nothing quite like political controversy cooked up in the land of meat pies, pints and the Queen. The latest controversy is full of contradictions. It is a great mile marker for the ever symbiotic connection between traditional media and social media (and vice versa). And, it is significant for reasons […]

Survival Demands Change

by Geoff Livingston You may be strong, you may be smart, but if you cannot adapt to rapid change you won’t survive. A rather Darwinistic statement, but a truth that companies and communicators increasing must accept. Communications technology has turned our world upside down (this post owes a special hat tip to Kyle Reis, and […]

Using LinkedIn as a PR Tool

One of the social media questions most often asked of the consulting team at CRT/tanaka relates to the use of LinkedIn by individuals as a way to help their companies or causes. There have been some good recent posts on how to increase the SEO juice from LinkedIn, and I’m not above borrowing from them […]

Is Social Media the Kudzu of Our Lives?

by Jenn Riggle It seems wherever I turn, I’m being bombarded by social media and its constant stream of information. Like kudzu, the green menace that covers much of the southeastern United States, it threatens to take over my life. My day is consumed with social media and social networking sites. Whether it’s getting up […]

Mobile Is All About Community

By Wyatt Wood It’s no surprise that mobile web use is increasing with records sales for iphone and the buzz surrounding the upcoming Motorola Droid smartphone. Taking this increase into consideration should be part of any current interactive/social strategy. With more than 60 million page views from mobile devices WordPress.com took notice and provided mobile […]

Facebook’s Five Power Plants

by Mike Mulvihill Photo by Laban West.  Lightning over Muskogee Power Plant, Muskogee OK. Last week the number of the week was 30,000  —  that’s how many servers support Facebook’s operations.  (No wonder, Facebook produces 25TB – yep, tera-bytes – of log data per day).  The numbers comes from Jeff Rothschild,  the vice president of technology […]

Redefining Authority – A Question of Now

by Geoff Livingston Just prior to BlogWorld Expo this past weekend, Technorati released it’s new authority system, a more mercurial gauge of popularity. The effort redefines the much maligned authority figure, and reclaim respect from the blogosphere. Technorati, once the end all, be all of blog rankings, now often finds itself derided as broken and […]