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Top Five Organizational Silos

Picking up the discussion from last Spring’s white paper on silos and organizational barriers to social media adoption, the following list represents the top five silos I’ve encountered in helping scores of organizations adapt (Image: Brick Wall by Zunami). This is not a scientific list, just one based on a single person’s experiences. Please feel […]

Social Good Live Stream/Preso & Social Marketing University

It’s a great honor to be in New York City today and speaking at Mashable’s Social Good Conference. This event wraps up Mashable’s Summer of Social Good, and features fantastic speakers with many nonprofit attendees. It will be a great opportunity for folks You can catch the live stream of the conference here. Also, below […]

Pro Communicators: Don’t Be a Punk; Try Being Provocative Instead

Guest Post by Lindsay M. Allen For many professional communicators — myself included — our industry is something we take very seriously, doing everything in our power to maintain professionalism both in and out of work (and the rapid blurring/erasing of that line is a subject for another blog post in itself), even sometimes relinquishing […]

The Science Behind Social Change Might Be Better

Guest Post by Alexandra “SocialButterfly” Rampy That term–social marketing–is buzzing across the blogosphere, our inboxes and in conference rooms. However, did you know that it’s been around since the 1970s? …and fundamentally, it has nothing to do with Twitter, flickr, Ning, Myspace or Facebook. It’s much bigger than that. This is because social marketing has […]

The (Social Media) Natives Are Getting Restless

Guest post by Richie Escovedo “____________ is dead.” Go ahead and fill in that blank with the usual suspects; blogging, Twitter, PR, marketing, FriendFeed, the press release, the media, etc. Admit it, you’ve probably seen, read, or possibly wrote something that fits the above standard claim. It gets repeated, rebroadcast, refuted, and recycled. And that’s […]

Movements Require Discipline (Plus Updated Open Source Social Media Process)

The best measure of success for any communication effort on or offline must be the successful development of a movement. Movements encompass true word of mouth where the community embraces the call-to-action or brand and makes it their own. Yesterday, we discussed how the LIVESTRONG effort has achieved this noteworthy status. And of course, there’s […]

LIVESTRONG Brand Transcends Cancer

When you start seeing photos like this one, you know a brand has superseded it’s organization to become something beyond just, “fight cancer.” There’s no question that the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s singleness of purpose is just that, and the organization does a fantastic job building awareness and raising money for cancer prevention and research. Below […]

@DCTwestival Beneficiary Miriam’s Kitchen Gets Social

@DCTwestival is  right around the corner (September 10, register  today), and the beneficiary is Miriam’s Kitchen. Miriam’s Kitchen was chosen for a variety of reasons. Miriam’s Kitchen provides healthy, homemade meals and comprehensive case management services to the homeless (image from Miriam Kitchen’s Flickr feed). It has a healthy Twitter and general social media presence, […]

Whatever Happened to Folk Media?

Folk–adjective (dictionary.com) 6. of or originating among the common people: folk beliefs; a folk hero. 7. having unknown origins and reflecting the traditional forms of a society: folk culture; folk art. These days anything online can have the word social affixed to it. The marketing trend to dub everything “social” demeans the word, turning it […]

Untapped Opportunity to Engage High Dollar Nonprofit Donors via Social

Jen McClure originally ran this story on the New Communications Review site. The social web offers a welcome place for individual philanthropic activity (original homeless image by jlmccoy). New research funded by the Columbus Foundation, The San Francisco Foundation and The Saint Paul Foundation demonstrates that High dollar donors — especially 30-49 year-olds — use […]