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Follow @childfund and Help Change Children’s Lives

ChildFund International just rebranded from the Christian Children’s Fund last week as an effort to demonstrate a singular commitment to children’s welfare today and tomorrow (image: Faith Smiling by ChildFund, NZ). Along with the new brand are new Twitter (@childfund), Facebook, blogging and YouTube efforts. To celebrate, ChildFund International is giving gifts of agricultural love […]

Traitor Joe Takes Aim at Beloved Brand

We hinted in the Mashable article about Greenpeace‘s next targeted corporate campaign to end greenwashing. Little did most folks know it was the hipster’s beloved Trader Joe’s. Dubbed Traitor Joe, the Greenpeace campaign has garnered some serious momentum around the blogosphere. At the same time, the campaign has not made a big impact on Twitter […]

Context: Six Things About the Mobile Web

One thing seems clearer and clearer.  Mobile and portable media continues to become a staple of online promotion and marketing.  Worldwide acceleration of mobile smartphones – to the tune of 130% increase in sales over the next few years – is driving the shift (image by in veritas lux). Just yesterday, I read an outstanding […]

I’m Just a Guy on a List

Having your name added to PR lists from vendors like Vocus and Cision is one of the unfortunate outcomes of having a successful blog. The resulting amount of spam and bad pitches can be quite astounding. This is not to complain. It’s just part of the gig, a result of success, and bloggers like Gina […]

Podcast: The Future of Online Media

Last Thursday, John C. Havens (co-author of the outstanding book Tactical Transparency) and I did a BlogTalkRadio show on the future of online media. It was a pretty outstanding podcast focusing on why social media is dead from a communications innovation standpoint, the CRT/tanaka acquisition, mobile media, augmented realities, and the Twitter overhype situation. Have […]

Inside Mashable’s Summer of Social Good

Maybe you’ve noticed.  There’s something special going on at Mashable: The Summer of Social Good initiative. The uber technology and social media blog has created a charitable fund to benefit The Humane Society, LIVESTRONG, Oxfam America and WWF from June 1st until August 28th, 2009.  And while raising monies directly for these organizations, the media […]