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The Herculean Effort to Stop Ignoring Customers

If social is but a channel, then the real issue for companies lies in embracing feedback from their most important stakeholders: Their customers. That was the focus of the Forrester Customer Experience Forum last week in New York City (photos here). Organizations struggle with corporate barriers to moving towards their customers. Controlling the experience has […]

The Mobile Revolution Accelerates

The mobile Internet revolution continues to accelerate, fueled by the latest smartphone releases from Palm, Apple and Blackberry. It’s not so important whether people prefer Blackberry, Apple or Other. What does matter is the functionality these phones bring to the market. With computing capability, broadband Internet, and GPS location ID, smartphones are capturing market interest […]

Five (+ One) Green Initiatives on Mashable

Last week, Mashable highlighted 75 Twitterers talking green online, but they’re not the only ones. Now with the increasingly widespread proliferation of social media in the corporate world, nonprofits and companies are getting into the mix, too. So I teamed with Mashable to write up five organizations – the United Nations, Dell, Greenpeace, the Environmental […]

What Happened to the Collegial Marketing Blogosphere?

What’s happened to the marketing blogosphere?  Our conversations in posts and on Twitter used to be so dynamic.   Our corner of the blogosphere used to be a nice place to be, a collegial debate on the future media and communications. When we had spats, we made up. Now it’s just downright snitty. The confluence of […]

Clarification on “Social Media Is Dead”

Well, I’ve been called arrogant three times privately, anonymously and now publicly because of Thursday’s post on “Why a Final BlogPotomac: Social Media Really is Dead.” There have been public posts, some debating or decrying the discussion, others turning it into a parody.  My feelings about social media innovation still remain the same, but based […]

People Make Revolutions Happen

One of the most bizarre aspects of the Iran protests has been the claim of Netizens that it’s a Twitter revolution.  Certainly, our conversational medium has made great strides in the rapid spread of information. In fact, the use of social media has been a critical tool in the spread of ideas, not only amongst […]

Why a Final BlogPotomac: Social Media Really Is Dead

With more than 3600 Tweets (3300 day of) and most blog posts written about last Friday’s BlogPotomac singing its praises (here’s one negative review and an unhappy happy hour attendee), many have been asking me why hold a final modified unconference? I cited two reasons, one of which was a desire to recapture some of […]

Escape from Cubicle Nation!

Pam Slim’s book, aptly named Escape from Cubicle Nation, is a must read for anyone considering an entrepreneur’s life.  Named after her blog, the book provides a great read from beginning to end.  The thorough examination of the start-up process is spot on, and can really help newcomers to business avoid pitfalls. Quite frankly, I […]

Conversation Starters: A Modern View of Messaging

Corporate messaging has been under fire for a long time from many a PR 2.0/social media/web 2.0 pundit, including me. I’ve been a loud defender of the Cluetrain principle that there’s no market for messages. But while I still feel that one dimensional messaging from a traditional corporate communications standpoint fails utterly on the social […]

Attending to BlogPotomac 2009

For the next few days, I will be absent on the Buzz Bin as I attend to and recover from my unconference, BlogPotomac. Expect to see me return to the Buzz Bin during the middle of next week. The schedule of events for BlogPotomac has been posted. Check it out! While the event is sold […]