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Ning Jujitsu: Nine Tips

Friends of Live Earth Senior Ambassador Alexandra Rampy and Ning’s Charles Porch. Some of us on the Friends of Live Earth team recently had the opportunity to sit down with Charles Porch from ning, who gave some general pointers on network building best practices. Porch has worked with thousands of the 1.1 million communities now […]

Nice Guys Finish Last Online

Copyblogger Brian Clark Presents at SOBCon One of the more controversial sessions at SOBCon was the nice guys finish last [online] conversation, inspired by Brian Clark‘s discussion of classic positioning theory. The point: It’s better to be hated and known for a strong minority opinion than to be liked. One gets you discussed, read and […]

My Big Hit This Week Wasn’t On The Blog

This week I delivered a big hit in social media, but  it wasn’t on the blog.  It occurred on my Flickr blog in the form of SOBCon 09 pictures.  If you include photo views from Friday and Saturday at the conference, photos generated more than 4,000 views or almost 10% of my all time Flickr […]

Net Neutrality Still An Issue

Anyone involved in the Internet for a long time knows that net neutrality has been a long-term issue. Net Neutrality deals with the freedom of choice on which content we view on the Internet, as opposed to media or Internet companies selecting the content we should see or how content is “prioritized” for us. It’s […]

Newspapers Are Like Department Stores

There’s much crying about the fall of the major metropolitan newspaper, a process hastened by the severe economic recession. There are many reasons cited, from the rise of new media to poor change management. Yet one can see a similar pattern in recent history, when another mass market product — the department store — also […]


When you have a regular readership, it’s important to communicate changes.  With the CRT/tanaka acquisition, Marinel Mones and Michael Nelson, and their features Great Blogs of Fire and Buzz Meter will move over to the main company blog effective tomorrow.  Their features will augment the senior leadership’s regular entries and provide the industry a regular, […]

SOBCon Presentation: Integrating Social Media into the Larger Mix

The SOBCON presentation “Integrating Social Media into the Larger Mix” that I gave on Saturday sparked quite a discussion at the event as well as on Twitter. Here is a brief narrative version to accompany the deck, which is also embedded in this post. Integrating Social Media – SobCon 09 Presentation View more presentations from […]