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Buzz Meter: TwitterGadget

There are a lot of great Twitter applications available, but Twitter in your inbox? TwitterGadget makes it easy to monitor your favorite Twitter users and personal messaging from your iGoogle homepage, Gmail account, or directly in your browser. Created by LOGIKA Corporation, this Web 2.0 tool allows you to post status updates and conduct searches […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Amanda Denson of PepperDigital shares a new study from the University of Melbourne that correlates social network updates with workplace productivity. According to the study, workers that use ‘Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing’ are “9% more productive than those who don’t.” The head of the study, Dr. Brent Coker, believes not only does social networking increase […]

Examining Siloed Processes

This continues our ongoing discussion on enterprise social media adoption started with “The Cultural Challenge to Integration” and “Moving from Siloes to Hives.” To successfully adapt, CxOs should examine department, division, and/or enterprise missions and explore natural directions for improvement. This leads to a measurable social media result, something achievable: Time management, improved processes, outbound […]

Moving from Siloes to Hives

Following on to our previous post on “The Cultural Challenge to Integration” this post examines how social media tools challenge siloed organizations to move towards hived architectures. I agree with a commenter’s assessment that social media needs to map towards the current culture in an evolutionary fashion as opposed to demanding sudden and drastic change. […]

And the Seventh and Final BlogPotomac Session Is…

Social Karaoke: Using Offline Interactions to Strengthen Your Brand Online With… * David Armano (Logic+Emotion) * Kaitlyn Wilkins (VP of Digital Strategy, Ogilvy’s 360 Digital Influence) * Doug Meacham (Multi-Channel Retail consultant, IBM) Congratulations!

GovLoop’s Steve Ressler Rocks the Public Sector

In every big city there’s an underground, and in every large online movement there are undercurrents. In the Government 2.0 space that undercurrent is taking place on GovLoop, a relatively new, Ning-based social network with more than 8,000 public sector or related members. The man behind GovLoop is Steve Ressler, who also was one of […]

Buzz Meter: KickApps

Would it benefit you or your company to have a social network? KickApps, one of the most powerful social networking platforms available, makes it easy to create and manage a robust, fully customizable social network on your website. KickApps is a white label self service platform that runs on its own servers. Going beyond the […]

The Cultural Challenge to Integration

It is apparent from online and offline discussion that there are still great challenges to social media adoption. Regardless of cause – control, forcing one-way communication models into conversational media, lack of participation, time, or fear – companies and organizations find themselves stubbing their metaphorical toes quite a bit.  Their cultures prevent them from succeeding […]

Three Horse Race for Final BlogPotomac Session

The race for the final BlogPotomac session is actually turning into a competitive back and forth with Levick beating out popular bloggeratti David Armano,  Kaitlyn Wilkins and Doug Meacham. There is also a dark horse candidate in TMG Strategies.  Voting closes on Friday, COB so please visit the crowdsourcing page and choose your preferred final […]