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A Facebook Basics Primer

by Marinel Mones Organizations joining social networks should understand the commitment of being part of a specific online community. Becoming a member of a social network isn’t as important as listening and engaging in the conversations. One of the most widely used social networks is Facebook. This network provides an assortment of ways organizations can […]

Twitter in the Crosshairs: Facebook’s Gambit

Everyone has seen the change, and have debated whether it’s really a rip-off of Twitter’s microblog format. Those of us who have been through the microblogging wars see some other similarities, with the conversational commentary seeming to run more like Pownce and Plurk than the Twitter format of @s and RTs. Regardless, the livestream seems […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Considering Coke’s social media presence, Lisa Barone reminds readers of the significant influence that brand ambassadors have. Lisa says, “…there is hope for big brands looking to succeed in social media. You don’t have to spam the damn thing to death, after all!” Visit Outspoken Media for more details on Coke’s social media successes in […]

The Service-Oriented Conversation Creator

Tonight’s class is on Ben Rigby’s book “Mobilizing Generation 2.0,” a great survey of the many social media tools available to nonprofit communicators. In our Groundswell class, we examined Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff’s Forrester Social Technographics profile, which classifies online users in a ladder: This taxonomy really makes it easy for marketers to grasp […]

Open Sourcing BlogPotomac’s Seventh Session

When we announced BlogPotomac (June 12 at the State Theatre) in January, we promised to open source the final session for BlogPotomac. That way the most popular community idea would be represented at our modified unconference. The opportunity to submit your preferred session is now open. Session submission descriptions will remain open until the end […]

#sxsw: A Big Get Together

SXSW – What to say? It’s really a big get together and party featuring many folks in the industry that you already know. The sessions were OK, the business discussions alright, but really it’s an excuse for a big ole social jam. So in many ways, I’d rather show you SxSW rather than tell you […]

#sxsw – The Future of the Internet

Well, I finally made it to sxsw. In addition to phenomenal discussions and socializing (me thinks the real purpose of sxsw), I came to Austin to garner knowledge on the Future of the Internet. Why? Because social media is maturing, and staying on the edge is critical. To help, I moved to new mobile platforms […]

Buzz Meter: Everywun

Badges are often used to promote events or show affiliations to group or campaigns. Everywun is a new movement that enables people to support great causes with the use of social media. It supports five different types of causes: animals, environment, education, health and poverty. Everywun uses credits as their form of currency. Upon registration, […]

Join the Anti-Fan Movement

Twitter’s incredible growth has caused incredible follower populations and corporate/personal marketing activity (image: fan base by notsogoodphotography). It’s also causing a backlash. Perhaps you’ve seen the posts: Kami Huyse – Many people are trying to make a fast buck off of misguided people who see the following number as critical part of the Twitter experience. […]

Reallocating Marketing Resources

“I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half.” – John Wanamaker One of the more common questions I get is how do we justify funding social media? Increasingly, my response is how long do you keep funding marking communications in media that isn’t working […]