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Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Liz Strauss at Successful Blog tackles the tough question of how to define a successful organizational blog. It is Liz’s experience that different people and departments within an organization often have their own ideas of what a successful blog is. According to Liz, the quality of the blog is ultimately derived from its ability to […]

Leveraging Idea Markets While Avoiding Echo Chambers

Some of the greatest potential of social media lies in its ability to facilitate collaboration (Image: Japanese Light Bulb by emburke07). This ability to leverage multiple minds towards a greater, better solution — the harnessing of our collective intelligence — holds much hope for communities, businesses, nations and even the world alike (see the book […]

Using Our Social Networks to Affect Change

In the past two years I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with great minds like Brian Solis on my book, and later folks like Toby Bloomberg, Jason Falls, Amber Naslund and Beth Harte on blog posts. This week I collaborated with Joseph Jaffe for one of his Jaffe Juice podcasts; a fantastic discussion about how […]


There comes a time in an organization’s life cycle when its leaders ask, “How far is our community willing to go?” It is such a time for United Way of America. In 2008 United Way launched its LIVE UNITED campaign “to advance the common good” around three core issues: Education, Income and Health. After undertaking […]

Buzz Meter: DestroyTwitter

Twitterers, there’s a new Twitter app in town: DestroyTwitter (DT). No, DestroyTwitter does not mean to literally destroy twitter. The creator, Jonnie Hallman, believes that with destruction comes creation – his version of carpe diem. DestroyTwitter is a “robust but compact Twitter application built on the Adobe AIR platform” (a reported 11% of all Tweets […]

Market Research Makes the World Go Round

I love market research. It makes marketing so much easier because it informs strategy. Every New Year seems to bring with it a bevy of new market research reports. Taking a cue from Jeremiah, here are some of the market research reports that I have read recently. According to eMarketer, small businesses are not cutting […]

Ay Caramba! Social Media Is Not That Difficult!

Well, it’s a new year, and yes, we’re having many of the same old conversations here and other places.  Realistically speaking, the repetition is necessary because a great deal of the market still needs to come up to speed on social media communications (Viva Pinata by peasap). Some of the back channel conversations I have […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

As more organizations see the value created by social media, social media marketing will continue to grow. Jim Tobin provides the readers of Ignite Social Media blog with the trends he expects in ‘09. Understanding how difficult it can be to make a video become viral, Jim predicts marketers will put a greater emphasis on […]

Philanthropy’s Long Tail, the Economic Crisis and Social Media

As part of our Georgetown University class “Social Media for Social Good,” we will be publishing each session’s discussion in advance of Tuesday night’s on the Buzz Bin. We will also use a hashtag on Twitter and related materials: #gtownsm4sg. We hope our efforts will not only benefit our students, but also the general marketplace. […]

Top 10 Ways to Determine If You Actually Have a Personal Brand

Still think you have a personal brand? Maybe so (yeah, twenty somethings committing semantic homicide got under my skin again).  If you can answer one of these questions affirmatively, then feel proud (image by Hyku – Josh Hallet). You’ve created real brand experiences where your value to the market supersedes your own actions. Congratulations on […]