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The Women of BlogPotomac

Ticket Update: Approximately 30% of the 150 paid-for BlogPotomac seats have already been sold since tickets officially went on sale two weeks ago. At the current pace, BlogPotomac (June 12 at the State Theatre in Falls Church) will be sold out by April 1.  Don’t miss out, register today!  Any profits from BlogPotomac 2009 will […]

Buzz Meter: Noovo

Share any kind of online content in one place with Noovo. This “social discovery engine” is a blogging, bookmarking, lifestreaming, content sharing application – not a social network. The Noovo Corporation is based in California and Slovenia, and the Noovo app recently launched out of private beta last week. Noovo aggregates the most interesting stories, […]

Hacking Content

One of the cool things about teaching at a University is the very strict code of ethics, particularly on plagiarism.  Unfortunately, we have no such thing out here in the blogosphere, instead relying on an honor code of links.  In my opinion, sometimes top bloggers think they are above it, and simply hack content (Image: […]

What Will You Do When Social Media Isn’t Special Anymore?

We’ve talked about it before. The time is coming.  Social media adoption continues throughout corporate America, still often the terrain of experimental marketing. And while most are struggling, you can envision the time when social media is no longer special. The thought occurred to me this morning as I walked the dog during DC’s first […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Following his post earlier this week discussing the evolution of Government 2.0 experts, Aaron Brazell offers insight into why the government will have difficulty moving into the Web 2.0 world. Aaron says, “Until there is a sensible way to prevent user-generated content from being user-generated security nightmares…Government 1.0 will rule the day.” Do you think […]

Let Them Be Heard

Our “Social Media for Social Good” class this week is on the two-way communications paradigm that is at the heart of social media. There’s no greater way to bring that discussion to bear than the Cluetrain Manifesto. This epic book captures social media’s essence in a bottle, and is often passed over by communicators, and […]

BlogPotomac: Jen McClure, DC Central Kitchen and Tickets

Jen McClure, executive director of the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR), has agreed to keynote the BlogPotomac speakers dinner on June 11.  The speakers dinner is an event to thank the sponsors and speakers for their contributions.  General public attendees can attend as well, and tickets for this value-added event will go on sale […]

The Latest Carpetbag: Government 2.0

Ah yes, I should have seen this one coming.  Here they are, your latest version of social media carpetbaggers: The Government 2.0 Expert.  Hey Obama is here, let’s cash in (original image by brtpropshop)! This is not to demean the many notable public sector projects and efforts that are now under way. It’s just really […]

Buzz Meter: SlideShare

More and more social media tools are reinventing themselves and moving forward from the “beta” phase or introducing new features to their original list. One of these tools is SlideShare, which recently launched a feature that allows/combines YouTube videos in SlideShare presentations. Based in San Francisco and New Delhi, this tool enables people to share […]

Top 25 Ways to Stop Wigging Out

by Valeria Maltoni (cross posted at Conversation Agent) and Geoff Livingston Yup. Times are tough! Whether it’s yourself, a friend or family member, everyone knows someone who has been affected by the economic situation. Jobs are less secure and hard to find, every sector has been hit, the news is bloody awful from week to […]