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SocialFishing on the Association Front

Direct marketing is a vital and affective way for companies to convene messages to their consumers without the intervention of media. Integrating tried and true best practices from direct marketing into social Web marketing – and vice versa – is becoming the calling card among the savviest marketing professionals. During the next week, The Buzz […]

Top Six Ways to Bail on Your Blog for the Holidays

It’s for bloggers to go on vacation. We will start seeing the bail out posts any day now. Given the end of year, we tend to see a combination of the general “I’m going away” post to the “read this end of 2008 post while I’m on vacation” bit (Santa image by Matt Mattila). Here’s […]

The French Mob Storms Twitterville Again

The recent herd mentality on Twitter reminds me of the French mob screaming for aristocrats’ blood. Break out the guillotine! First it was Motrin, then it was the Matt Bacak smeering (I did think he crossed a line, but still the response was excessive), and most recently the portrayal of Chris Brogan — of all […]

One Dimensional Social Media Sucks

Ever since Forrester put out its report stating that consumers don’t trust 86 percent of corporate blogs, there have been a plethora of blog check up, and reasons why posts.  Here are some of my favorites: A blog should feel like a gift (Kami Huyse) Health Check: How trusted is your blog (Jeremiah Owyang) No […]

Buzz Meter: Connected By Distance

Online communities connect people all over the world. Through the Web, people engage in conversations and create, discuss and share stories. No matter the story, whether people fight to be a voice for those in need or if friends make a podcast together across the region, communities can affect us all. The Connected by Distance […]

World on Fire

Today marks the 60th Anniversary of the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights, the day after the 60th anniversary of the UN’s pact to end genocide. To commemorate the Human Rights pact, bloggers throughout the world are discussing their first human rights memory of import.  And because so much of our work at the agency involves […]

Two Case Studies Featuring LComm Work

Please excuse me for taking the opportunity to write this brief post that shines some light on some of Livingston Communications’ current efforts. National Ranked Blogger Jason Fall, the lead voice at Social Media Explorer, wrote up our reputation management efforts with Network Solutions. Jason said, “This reputation management effort was a success. It’s still […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Marshall Sponder of WebMetricsGuru says that on a New York subway many less fortunate folks are forced to beg for money, “But few beg well enough that you feel compelled to donate.” Marshall argues that similarly, new creatives should not expect engagement, but rather they should be good enough to compel people to want to […]

Why Does PR vs. Advertising vs. Stand Alone Even Matter?

I saw the post, I read the comments, I respect the author. But the PR agency versus stand alone social media agency title seemed, well, kind of like an old topic. To be fair, Todd asked a lot of questions about the blurred lines, and what it really means to the definition of his firm: […]

Will the Economic Crisis Change Gen Y?

‘ One of the more interesting conversations I’ve had on Twitter recently was if the current economic crisis will change the demanding attitude of generation Y/the millenials at the workplace. As many of you know the millenial is often typified as the poster child for social media use, and have added a new level of […]