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Social Media Communicators Don’t Read Cluetrain

“There’s no market for messages” One thing has become readily apparent to me: Most social media communicators, “personal brands” (snort) and social media experts have neglected to read the Cluetrain Manifesto. Whether you agree with the principles in this book or not, in my mind it should be mandatory reading for anyone who conducts business […]

Buzz Meter: OneRiot

Is it possible for one search engine to determine the “pulse of the web?” OneRiot, formerly known as Me.dium, is not your typical search engine. What differentiates OneRiot with other search engines is their method of presenting information. OneRiot prioritizes the current popular information, making their search results “relevant, fresh, friendly and pulsing with the […]

The Now Is Gone Bookiversary

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Now Is Gone’s release! So much has happened since then, it’s been amazing and humbling at the same time. Thank you to everyone who supported Now Is Gone (image by lunaweb). I know Brian Solis also was humbled by the reception towards the book. For me, it was […]

Rebutting Six Arguments for Personal Brands

Since last Thursday’s post, “I Don’t Care About Your Personal Brand,” there have been many conversations about why personal brands are or are not valid marketing models (image by Nirav Mehta). There have been some threads that unite to form general arguments for the personal brand, which deserve some discussion. Why? Because they fail to […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Inspired by Al Gore’s keynote at Web 2.0 Summit, the quality of Brian Solis’ thoughts on the social revolution for change deserve special recognition. The following is an excerpt from Brian’s post, but I encourage all to read his words in full on PR 2.0. This election, as well as Gore’s passion for change, is […]

Top Six Social Media Markets in 2009

It’s apparent that we’re in for a deep, long recession. As our leadership rallies to fight the economic tide, those of us with businesses (or individual careers) need to continue moving forward. With an eye towards the near future market of 2009, here’s my projections for the top six opportunities in social media next year […]

Social Media for Social Good

I have the great privilege of teaching a post graduate class next semester at Georgetown University, called “Social Media for Social Good.” Qui Diaz has agreed to teach with me, promising a high powered experience for social cause communicators seeking to engage their communities online. Here’s a sneak preview of the syllabus for MPPR-785-01, “Social […]

Buzz Meter: UserNameCheck

UserNameCheck is an online tool that checks the availability of usernames for various social networking sites. Think WHOIS, but for usernames. An AJAX powered service, UserNameCheck lists over 60 social networking platforms all in one dashboard. To check where your username is registered, simply type in your username in the provided field and click on […]

I Don’t Care About Your Personal Brand

All of the personal brand noise in the echo chamber amazes me. Why? Because it’s not good marketing. We are in a recession, and telling people they need personal brands infused in their marketing – while important – will not help companies close transactions. Yes people do business with folks they like, but that’s only […]

The Communicators’ Election Breakdown

Now that Obama has officially won, post mortems can begin. Ragan Communications ran a great story about what the election taught communicators. All in all the article had 15 tips for communicators. I was interviewed and offered a couple of tips for Michael Sebastian’s piece: 1) Social media is here to stay. You know the […]