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Happy Thanksgiving!

At least we can be grateful for one thing this year: No more turkey from this guy!   See you next week!

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Jennifer Laycock makes an interesting observation on the Search Engine Guide about having a post Tweeted. Jennifer says that in addition to reaching additional eyeballs, Twitter traffic is important because it is an engaged community accustomed to leaving comments. Jennifer says, “The true value in your blog traffic is in the visitors who add to […]

10,000 Tweets: Heaven and Hell

I just tweeted for the 10,000th time. So what the heck does that mean? I am a Twittering fool? 20 months, 10,000 tweets, 3,000 followers. What learning have I gleaned from all this (image by Sonny Gill)? Twitter remains a strange place. That’s what I’ve learned. It’s just weird in a captivating, yet maddeningly ugly […]

In Troubled Times Social Causes Humanize Your Company

Very public, socially-catalyzed non-profit activity can humanize a company in a much more meaningful way than just highlighting “a personal voice” on the blog. Showing a human heart across the company touches people in a genuine way, especially in a time when people throughout the country really need the help! In fact from a corporate […]

Tactical Transparency

Shel Holtz and John Havens just published the book “Tactical Transparency.” The latest entry in the growing library of social media books is a very strong one. I highly recommend it to executives and communicators considering social media for any organization, but particularly within enterprises or non-profits that have 20 or more people working for […]

Buzz Meter: Cerado Ventana

Cerado Ventana connects customers to brands in spaces such as their blogs, personal start pages and cells phones. Created by Cerado, a provider of mobile and web-based software services, Cerado Ventana offers a wide array of features designed and implemented by customer requests. Features include: News & Info: provides the latest information in real time. […]

Social Governance Won’t Come Easy

Fellow Georgetown University adjunct and SEC social media wonk Mark Story aptly dubbed the current post election government 2.0 craze a meme. And in doing so, he tagged me. It’s been a while since we’ve updated our ongoing coverage of the federal government’s adoption of social media, and the current excitement does prompt a new […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Jothy Rosenberg predicts that “millenials will abandon Facebook.” On Rocketvox Jothy provides a detailed history of Facebook, and he offers insight into why it has developed gracefully. But, according to Jothy, things are changing. He asks rhetorically, “what is turning the Millennials — Facebook’s original and core constituency — away in droves? Creepiness, complexity, and […]

Ducati Streetfighter: The Social Media Campaign That Never Was

Ducati recently launched its new Streetfighter motorcycle with a reveal video and at the EICMA conference. Both events have been captured on YouTube, but for several reasons this online launch marks another corporate social media failure. Yay. YouTube, but is that really social? Consider the lack of discussion on Twitter. How about blog posts? Only […]

Red. Hot. Twitter.

Wow! Twitter seems to be hotter than a volcano in the midst of eruption. And the social network has recovered its traffic from the second quarter, when it experienced systematic downtime in June. Everywhere you go, you see Twitter. Consider the following: The New York Times has adopted Twitter as its benchmark company for technology’s […]