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This weekend at BlogWorld Expo, on behalf of Network Solutions I got to interview many leading bloggers (Diva Marketing Blog Author Toby Bloomberg pictured above). One common characteristic that all of these voices had was passion. Passion to write about their subject matter. Heart and soul makes their fingers twitch with metaphorical fire on the […]

The Hour Is Late

Breaking news from the Web 2.0 Expo: What’s new? Nothing really! Social media continues to mature, and that means the market for social media services will become more crowded and shift. We’re not seeing any new game changing evolution in social media this year. What’s new is the new Facebook, the more stabilized Twitter, and […]

NTEN’s Holly Ross Provides Info on Nonprofit Technology

Holly Ross, executive director of NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network), encourages and helps members to use technology as a catalyst for a better world. She uses her technology leadership and social media insight to plan and execute webinars, conferences, and research for the NTEN community and the nonprofit sector. Prior to her work at NTEN, Holly […]

Buzz Meter: OtherInbox

OtherInbox, “the cure for email overload,” is the also the cure for blocking spam. The Austin-based start-up, founded by entrepreneur Joshua Baer and launched at TechCrunch50, offers a free email account with a bunch of organizational options. Newsletters, social networking updates, coupons and receipts from online purchases are categories OtherInbox will provide for organizing your […]

Consumers Talk, Companies Listen

A recent article in Advertising Age states that the future of consumer surveys may be at risk. Don’t think that this means your voice will no longer be heard, rather, market researchers are turning to new methods to collect data: online interaction. The Advertising Research Foundation said that this change will signal a shift in […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Kyle James of .eduGuru shares seven Google Analytics filters that will help you better track who’s visiting your site. His suggestions, such as how to use the Full Referral URL Filter and the Directory Filter, will help you get more information from your Google Analytics account. Kyle says, “It’s as easy as setting up a […]

Involver: Taking Online Video to the Mat

Online video has been an increasingly hot topic for nonprofits this past year. As fortune would have it, I crashed NetSquared’s Net Tuesday meet up while breezing through San Francisco last week. Involver’s team of online video demi-gods presented new case studies from Save Darfur and Kiva. Involver (think “engager” not “revolver”) offers an intriguing […]

Build Heroes

It’s a time for the individual. Social media has unleashed personality, and delivered the power of opinion and voice. We can each become individual superstars in our own right. But great leaders will see social media as an opportunity to do more than become well known. Frank Gruber, Aaron Brazell, Brian Solis, myself, Nick O’Neill, […]

Communicators Need to Stop Lipstick Smearing

This week’s lipstick incident demonstrates The GOP has brought back the smear in earnest, a tactic reminiscent of the Bush campaigns from 2000 and 2004 (image by Mae Li). Personally, this kind of abusive use of communication powers — while effective — should be condemned. This kind of manipulation should not be a surprise given […]

Buzz Meter: socialmedian

Because of Techcrunch50, I decided to test one of the demo companies of the conference: socialmedian. Dubbed as a ‘social news network that connects people with personalized news and information,’ socialmedian users get to share news and information with others who have the same interests. socialmedian offers so many features, other than ‘news-streaming’. You get […]