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Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

On Solutions Are Power Dave Griffin, Social Media Coordinator of Griffin Technology, explained to Steve Fisher his role and responsibility with the company. Dave is responsible for using social media to, “boost awareness of the brand and its products, interact and build community and develop promotions with equally cool partners.” Read Steve’s post, and see […]

Recession 2.0 | Watch Your Back, Pass the Mic & Mind Your Manners

“Control of the message” has long been one of the most common potholes in the road to social media success. Tables might turn as those who have resisted now face widespread financial implosion caused by bail fail. Its time to say farewell to cloistered corporate mind sets, instead empowering your people to listen to and […]

Confederating Social Media

Confederate: United in a league, alliance, or conspiracy (image by Geoff Livingston). Creating social media strategies for large organizations can be unwieldy. Disparate divisions, brands, product launches, autonomous departments, budgets and line items can give corporate communicators a tough time as they bridge their companies into the social era. Some organizations can manage their organizations […]

Why You Must Show Up and Shake Hands (like Cirque du Soleil)

“Influencer relations” demands active networking beyond Twitter and Facebook.  Attention spans are thinning, so brand ambassadors (you) have to show up, shake hands and speak well.  Be present. Not just online, but out there in the real world. Basic Networking: Media Events and Tours Every quarter, one of our clients exhibits at a large media […]

Dave Barger of LunaWeb: Memphis Gets Social

Dave Barger, President and CEO of LunaWeb, Inc. (a website company), is an avid believer in social media for companies. Known as a local internet pioneer, Dave helped start Launch Memphis (an event Geoff spoke for), a local social media networking group and works on local events like BarCamp. He is also working with local […]

Buzz Meter: TimesPeople

The New York Times found a way for their online readers to engage with one another through TimesPeople. The new social network allows readers to share stories through article recommendations, bookmark articles and interact with fellow NYTimes.com readers. TimesPeople features a toolbar where readers can view their recent activity, manage their profile settings, and view […]

Why Microsoft is Losing the Ad War

The much anticipated Microsoft ads (part two) earn a big FAIL from the general public and bloggers alike. With hundreds of millions in their marketing and advertising budget, it’s amazing that their recent “I’m a PC” ads were not better. The new ads may be a simple case of a company scrambling to REACT to […]

More Than 30

At almost every event or discussion on social media, there’s a naysayer that only millenials, those under 30 consume social media. They dismiss this conversational form as something that their target market doesn’t use. Ironically, they are missing the boat as older generations are using social media. Perhaps the best example of this is who […]

D.C. Events for the Social Change Valley

Inspired by all the moving and shaking at Web 2.0 and BlogWorld conferences this past week? Take it home to roost. Positive energy is being funneled through local D.C. events, and we’re playing a part in both. Tonight: NetSquared’s Net Tuesday Meet Up featuring Social Actions Peter Deitz is in town from Canada to share […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

In a great post on Search Engine Guide, Jennifer Laycock says, “social media is not about marketing, it’s about the conversations.” Laycock says that similarly to traditional business development, social media is about knowing customers and anticipating their needs. It’s also treating them with respect and doing the right thing. Check out Jennifer’s post to […]