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The Few…The Proud?

It was either a stroke of genius or a moment of weakness that prompted SXSW’s Interactive Panel Picker. The website works by crowdsourcing potential panels that attendees (or, wishful attendees) want to see. Since the Web 2.0 community is all about being interactive and promoting conversation, this appears to be the perfect solution to picking […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center tracked where people are finding their news. On his blog, Lance Turner sums up the study saying, “In short, bad news for newspapers, but good news for online news, with modest growth in the audience there.” Less than 50% of Americans are reading printed news papers, and […]

Direct Response in an Electronic World

How do you express the value of social media to direct response gurus? Geoff and I are co-chairing the Direct Marketing Association of Washington’s upcoming Electronic Media Marketing Day. We were obliged to co-author an article for the member newsletter – anything to help prime direct marketers for electronic engagement. Boiling “electronic media marketing” down […]

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Social Media: Content Creation

  Image by Marjoree. Many great communication minds emphasize the importance of creating content for social media. It’s all push, push, push! Just consider PR icon Richard Edelman’s words (yeah, I’m going to tattoo you again on this, Richard. In spite of your rebuttal): …we must help clients provide their own original content and enhance […]


“Generation X, generation strange. Sun don’t even shine through a window pane,” Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst from My Generation (video further below). Generation X, my generation. First, we were the American generation that would be the first to do worse than our parents. Then we were a non factor, because Generation Y or the millenials […]

Hear Mark Drapeau on Gov. 2.0

Mark Drapeau researches social media for national security purposes and more generally in the government. He has been the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the Department of Defense for two years. Currently, Mark works at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy at Fort McNair in Washington DC.  Prior to working in […]

Buzz Meter: PitchEngine

About two weeks ago, I received an invite to the alpha testing of PitchEngine’s, the new social network for PR pros and media, Social Media Release (SMR) Builder, by none other than the founder himself, Jason Kintzler. Created with the concept of combing traditional PR methods with social media, PitchEngine offers a new way of […]

The First Cyberwar and Social Media’s Role

There is some speculation on the Web that the Russian attacks on Georgia were very strategically planned. Planned in such a way that Olympic fever and vacation schedules were bound to overtake coverage (or, even appearance of concern) of the conflict. NBC seemed more worried about stopping Internet leaks of the opening ceremonies than reporting […]

PR Week’s Dreaded Todd Defren Match Up

Some of you may have been following the PR Week Blog Competition. In a nasty twist of fate, the Buzz Bin got pitted against friend and PR Prodigy Todd Defren and his PR Squared blog. Well, I can tell you we are not too thrilled at this pairing! Upon reflection, we decided to pull a […]

Social Media Does Do More Than It Claims

Jeremy Pepper has requested that consultants prove that social media works – that it can be used for good. Calling out a dozen of some of the most well-known and influential in our flock, he points out what these folks (all men, as an aside) haven’t done and/or should be doing by way of affecting […]