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Buzz Meter: Browzmi

Have you ever watch VH1’s Pop-up Videos? Wouldn’t it be great if similar informative comment boxes popped up on in your Internet browser? Well, I discovered a tool, Browzmi, that uses this ‘pop-up’ concept by integrating instant messaging and web surfing all in the same browser, and in real-time. Even though you and your friends […]

Greenpeace’s Marie Michelson Talks Shop

Marie Michelson engages social media users on all that’s green. Marie has been the Director of Online Communications for Greenpeace for three years. Prior to Greenpeace, she worked for the National Parks Conservation Association and the Defenders of Wildlife. We met Marie Michelson at the 2008 Bridge Conference, where she was a panelist for the […]

It’s a Cuil, Cuil Summer

There is no other way to say it. New search engine Cuil (prounounced “cool”) has made a splash launching across mainstream media and blogs this week. A test run on search results for my name, returned 864,605 results (Sorry Chris, ha), compared to Google’s 2,400. More results, but less relevant and quite a headache to […]

Foundational Support on Facebook Causes

As if direct mail and email campaigns aren’t complex enough, the temptation of social networks sends cause marketers hurtling into No Fundraisers Land. As you might have read in Geoff’s Friday post, we returned from the 2008 Bridge Conference with minds reeling. Geoff’s recap and the subsequent comment thread touched on flawed Facebook attributes and […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

David Wiener of Eyeball Economy considers the roles of an organization’s different promotional silos. In particular, David examines who’s responsible for search advertising and messaging. David says, “Public Relations is there to provide people with information when they are looking for it, whether they know it or not. Advertising and Marketing is there to push […]

Where Do the Bloggers Go?

Where do the children go, Between the bright night and darkest day? Where do the children go? And who’s that deadly piper who leads them away? – Where Do the Children Go, The Hooters Some of you may have seen CommonSense PR Eric Eggertson’s post this Saturday. He has decided to go on hiatus from […]

Precision Not Found on Facebook

Attending the Bridge Conference yesterday I was struck by the marked difference in the day’s three electronic media panels. The first and the third showed examples where fundraising on Facebook was stymied (Save Darfur, The Humane Society, etc.), that the social cause application garnered incredible amounts of followers, but few dollars. Why? Well a bad […]

Discussing Viral Marketing, Social Networking and More with Mack Collier

Social media consultant and author of the blog, The Viral Garden, Mack Collier, offered us his thoughts on social networking, viral marketing and blogging. Driven by the ‘community first’ approach to blogging and social media, Mack helps companies learn how to engage in social media. A frequent contributor to the website Marketing Profs, as well […]

Buzz Meter: Widgenie

Widgenie, the “all powerful data visualizer,” from LogiXML, Inc.  takes data from a variety of sources and allows users to create visuals using various types of widgets (mostly in chart form). Widgenie then takes the charts and provides users different ways to share them, from embedding them in blog posts or comments, to publishing them […]

BlogPotomac Profits Donated to Electronic Frontier Foundation

It’s not much, but it wasn’t meant to be. BlogPotomac profits totaled $491 and change. And as promised we donated them to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Here’s a little schtick from EFF on their mission: EFF broke new ground when it was founded in 1990 — well before the Internet was on most people’s radar […]