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Buzz Meter: Mozilla Firefox 3

Since Tuesday’s release of the much anticipated Mozilla Firefox 3, outbreaks of information, including reviews, have flooded the blogosphere. Posts released by Mozilla team members prior to the launch set expectations for the upgraded web browser and provided users with a sneak peak on the features for the new title holder of the Guinness Book […]

Rana Sobhany on Glass Ceiling, DC and More

Aux Interactive’s Rana Sobhany is a local social media fav. Recently, she visitied Livingston Communications Offices to talk about the glass ceiling in social media, what it takes to make it online, and the DC Social Media scene.

Iowa Flooding: An Opportunity for Social Media to Shine

The recent flooding in Iowa will impact us all in more ways than we can imagine. People who are feeling the pain at the pump are set to feel the pinch even more with the cost of food increasing over the coming months. Crops, churches, hospitals, homes and businesses have all been affected, some completely […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Ian Schafer shares his video of the IAB Forum Panel on UGC and Social Media on his blog IansSchafer.com. The panel also features Rohit Bhargava, Geoff Riss, Aaron Lilly and Chad Stoller. They offer insight on getting consumers to care enough about a message to socially interact with it. The key, says Chad, is to […]

The Internet: A Half Century Down the Tubes?

I just did a little piece on packet switching and I get blamed for the whole go*d*mned Internet, you know?” (Paul Baran, “How the Web Was Won.”) It is impossible to escape the Internet. Even when trying to hide in the pages an Angelina-laden issue of Vanity Fair. The folds of this haut-living magazine currently […]

BlogPotomac Exceeds Expectations

On Friday, BlogPotomac delivered the greater Washington region’s first hard core social media marketing event. Our intent was simple: Unify DC’s social media marketing community and provide an advanced event to push the envelope on content so our conversation was beyond 101 tactics (Below image by Co-Emcee Josh Hallet). While the event was sold out […]

Social Media Group’s Maggie Fox Delivers BlogPotomac Session

Social Media Group CEO Maggie Fox was the third session leader at BlogPotomac. Her subject was social media in general, particularly latest trends (total time: 6 minutes). Hyku’s Josh Hallett delivers the introduction for Maggie, who delivered a quick 5 minute unconference lead on what agencies can and cannot do…

Washington Post’s Dan Beyers Delivers BlogPotomac Unsession

Washington Post Local Business Editor Dan Beyers delivered his BlogPotomac unsession after Lionel Menchaca’s keynote. Dan talked about how social media is impacting the newspaper business and what the Washington Post is doing about it. Corporate Blogging Book Author and Co-Chair Debbie Weil introduced Dan (total time: 8 minutes).

Dell Chief Blogger Lionel Menchaca Gives BlogPotomac Keynote

Dell Chief Blogger Lionel Menchaca delivers his BlogPotomac keynote (10 minutes).

Watch BlogPotomac Here

We are running a livecast of BlogPotomac, compliments of event sponsor ooVoo. As the event organizer, all of us at Livingston Communications hope you enjoy this special conference. Online Video provided by Ustream