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Jonny Goldstein: Keeps On Rolling

This is part two of two in an interview with DC’s Jonny Goldstein. Jonny is a social media consultant and host of Jonny’s Par-tay, an interactive online TV talk show. Part one of the interview series can be found here. BB: What are your thoughts on the whole Trapani blacklist controversy? JG: Part of the […]

Jonny Goldstein: The Par-tay Starts Here

The Buzz Bin decided to turn the tables on interviewer-extraordinare Jonny Goldstein. Jonny is a well-known local social media expert, internet media personality, communicator, and teaching artist. He is also the executive producer and host of Jonny’s Par-tay with technical director Scott Stead. Jonny’s Par-tay features people who do interesting work at the intersection of […]

How to Be a Successful Blogger: Comment

Blogs are only as successful as the people who write, read, and comment on them. So, if you want your personal or corporate blog to be a success, then it only makes sense for you to take the time to read and comment on other people’s blogs. Participating in the community, sharing insights, experiences, and […]

Bloggers Unite for Stuff, Lose Momentum

When CNN broadcasted promotion of last week’s Bloggers Unite for Human Rights movement, my initial reaction was Viva la revolution! It was May 15th, 2008, the very day that Amnesty International was calling for all bloggers everywhere to simultaneously cover a human rights issue to educate the masses. No time to participate myself, Twitter was […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Laurence Borel of Blog Till you Drop! discusses how the mobile version of the social networking site Aka Aki has been deemed the ‘ultimate Facebook on the go.’ Piloted in Berlin, the new system uses ‘mobile phone Bluetooth technology to alert people to other users logged on nearby.’ The users are able to view profiles, […]

I Don’t Know!

Three little words. They can save embarrassing moments, allay reporters’ suspicions, build trust with customers, and allow for forward progress? But can most PR people actually say, “I don’t know?” Or does such humility fly in the face of command and control centric PR (image by terren in Virginia)? Most PR pros seems so concerned […]

Five Unorthodox Ways to Woo Bloggers

An aftershock of a Trapani incident tends to be a wave of best practices posts (this great one by Jennifer Mattern/Darren Rowse came before Trapani). In reality, bloggers are people, and because each person has unique aspects to them and no blogger has to adhere to any journalistic code, blogger relations really comes down to […]

Four Mommy Blogger Interviews for ParentPower

The launch of the ParentPower Index and Application (BETA), coincided with four interviews with prominent mommy bloggers conducted on the ParentPower blog. The best part of the project was getting to know many of the outstanding parents behind these blogs.  Here’s a sampling of each interview.  You of course can click through to see the […]

Buzz Meter: Brightkite

Invites to Brightkite are flying like…kites. The location based social network has received a lot of buzz over the past weeks, and I was lucky enough to secure a beta invite to check it out. Brightkite serves as a social network that allows users to share and find friends based on location updates. The stream […]

Episode 19: Where Do We Go with Blogger Relations

In Episode 19, Geoff and Aaron discuss this issue of a blogger blacklist, as started by Lifehacker Editor, Gina Trapani. It was civil, believe it or not, and callers contributed nicely as well.