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Accelerating Through Recession

Perhaps you saw Richard Edelman’s post last week on five key points we need to remind clients about in a recession. It was an interesting piece on the value of PR in the current media environment. Much was said, some of which was on par (image: prosperity symbol by sharlini). Perhaps the best comment in […]

Welcoming Qui Diaz

Qui Diaz started at Livingston Communications this week as director of strategy.  We’re going to practice what we preach and not slap the press release into a blog post. But we will tell you a few things about her: Qui comes from Ogilvy’s esteemed 360 Degree Digital Influence Group She also blogs at the evange.LIST, […]

Special Discount for Freedom to Connect, BlogPotomac Goes Live

F2C: Freedom to ConnectDC is coming to DC this March 31 and April 1. F2C is a meeting of people engaged with Internet connectivity and all that it enables, including vendors, customers, regulators, legislators, analysts, financiers, citizens and co-creators. This year, the theme of F2C is how universal connectivity and the plunging capital requirements of […]

Doug Haslam Chats Up Twitter and More

Doug Haslam remains one of the more prolific members of the online public relations community (he’s a great guy, too!). He’s been doing more that, too. Starting as a jazz DJ, then cutting tape and pointing fingers (in a non-accusatory, rather more of a “cue-speak now!” manner) at public radio’s best, I embarked on a […]

Getting Real

Social media professionals like to tout the advantages of integrating social media for corporate or even personal use. As the relationship between technology and marketing continues to evolve, the ability to create and reach out to specific communities, develop relationships and networking skills, and build Web 2.0 friendly skills will remain a top priority. It […]

District of Corruption: Lucky Number 11 Was a Gas

This week’s (District of Corruption download here) was pretty outrageous!  First, Aaron and I banetered about bracketology. Commenters didn’t want to talk about sports. Then we had the Rock Star discussion, complements of Rohit. Aaron was offended by me, about not being a rock star, then he told me “F U.” Then Aaron was offended […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

The Origin of Brands blog asks if monolithic companies like Microsoft are failing to innovate because they can’t relinquish control. Instead of providing new, innovative products, technologies and solutions, these companies are buying them (Microsoft buying Yahoo, Coca-Cola buying VitaminWater). The next time you accept a position to moderate a panel, check out these tips […]

Case Study: National Human Capital Summit Liveblog

Last week we executed a livebog on behalf of the Human Capital Institute (for tips on liveblogging see Now Is Gone). The goals of the National Human Capital Institute liveblog were: Serve membership with a live accounting of the event, extend the Summit experience beyond attendees Determine the membership’s interest in social media products. Get […]

Wall Street Journal Lists Now Is Gone as a Resource

The Wall Street Journal listed Now Is Gone as a resource today for "… companies [trying to] build buzz even when marketing budgets are small." Thanks to Scott Monty for including Now Is Gone in his interview. Other resources listed by Scott: MarketingProfs Daily Fix Web Strategy by Jeremiah What’s Next Blog by B.L. Ochman […]

The Future: Social Networks Will Fly Like a Led Zeppelin

Part II of Social Media’s Role within Global Businesses The band would "go down like a lead zeppelin,"  Keith Moon and John Entwistle’s alleged remarks about the New Yardbirds, the band that was quickly renamed Led Zeppelin. VH1 ranks Led Zeppelin as the No. 1 band of all time, and Rolling Stone magazine describes them […]