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Instead of Conversation, Think Engagement

Part V of Social Media’s Future within Global Businesses Many marketers tout the value of  social media conversation.   But to a business both now and in the future this means little. Really this indicates a focus on tactics rather than strategy and results. It’s like touting the intangibles of endless chatter. Social media’s true end […]

SMC-DC Features WhyGoSolo: More Than Bridging Your Online and Offline Worlds

Please join us for our next Social Media Club DC (SMC-DC) event on Thursday, April 10 at 6:30 pm. We will gather at Viget Labs to hear some insight from Ann Bernard, Founder and CEO of WhyGoSolo. Ann will show us how a local start-up company has created a social media platform that leverages the […]

The Science of Listening

Part IV of Social Media’s Role within Global Businesses The “Socialprise” of tomorrow will have so many conversations coming at it that internal communication departments will need to create new systems to handle the veritable barrage of input. In environments where conversations, suggestions and thoughts are aplenty, a good part of the marketing job becomes […]

Qui Diaz Rocks the Mic

Last week we introduced Qui Diaz as the Director of Strategy for Livingston Communications. We decided to share a little more about this rockstar. BB: We noticed that you belong to various online social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Which one is your favorite and why? QD: I used to be skeptical about online […]

Turning the Knob

Spring is finally here. Sports fanatics create their March Madness brackets, spring cleaning gets bumped to the top of the priority list and college students prepare to graduate. Most of these students –anxious to finally end their college career – are left with one door that leads to the world of employment. As a graduate […]

Cross-Linking Drives Social Engagement

This is an old hat, but it hasn’t been worn in a while (image: twistedtigger).  Apparently it needs to be dusted off.  See many people these days just publish and don’t cross-link. All push, no pull. So what’s the difference between an email newsletter and one published on a blog platform? Nothing.  Even if the […]

Does March Madness Have a Place in the Blogosphere?

Liveblogging can really augment widely followed conferences, and also support casual uses such as updating sports statistics. How many people sit at work or home constantly refreshing websites to make sure the numbers are accurate for their fantasy leagues or other pools? Last week, Geoff and I attended the first round of the NCAA tournament […]

Getting it Together: Multiple Media Assets

Greetings from one scattered, multi-media bound Internet user to another! Since we’re all caught up exploiting various digital tools for personal use – and for our organizations – it might be worthwhile to explore how to manage the toy box. If you’re juggling more than one company-branded, digital property (a blog, a forum, feeds, multimedia […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

The more popular you are on Twitter, the more likely you are to get hit with an influx of spam, at least according to Mashable. Hopefully, a CAPTCHA filter is in the works. A picture says a thousand words.  This one from Paull Young illustrates the question, does your brand have substance or spin? B.L. […]

Marketing Departments Become Two-Way

Part III of Social Media’s Role within Global Businesses As socialized feedback becomes increasing prevalent across a wide variety of business functions, enterprises will need to better absorb external information. This new listening “socialprise” (a term coined by Sarah Perez last week) will change from an outbound marketing communications machine to an organism interacting with […]