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Mass Marketing No More?

A recent article by AdAge highlights what women want on the Internet. The study shows statistics for smart marketers to help reach today’s online woman. In the past year, the number of unique visits to women’s community sites jumped 35% to almost 70 million from 52 million and women now comprise more than 50% of […]

Social Media Content Creation Process

Many folks ask how to go about creating social media for their company or organization. As a service to the industry, on Now Is Gone find an open source version of a draft social media content development process. This process is general enough to guide development of specific initiatives. It does not recommend blogging or […]

Clique This!

I’ve been thinking about the false assumption that there’s a PR blogger clique or a general hive mind in the PR blogosphere. It couldn’t be more wrong. Or if there is a clique, I’m not part of it. Those of us who make up the PR blogosphere have a variety of motives.  For me, it’s […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Luke Armour states that social media is NOT a free for all, and references Shel Holtz’s recent post to that effect. In the end, it’s all about the bottom line. Social media consultants should serve companies and enhance relationships between internal and external stakeholders. Web 2.0 can teach us a lot about marketing, at least […]

PR and Social Media Evolution Continues

Most businesses, PR pros and marketers are currently focused on adopting the most basic aspects of social media: Blogs, blogger relations, and maybe contributing to YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. I’m not. The evolution continues, and while business adoption remains a daily professional issue with clients, I’m concerned with the next generation of social media tools. […]

Where to Identify Influencers: The Back Channel

An interesting post from Marshall Kirkpatrick at Read/Write Web gives some pointers on where to research influencers. As Marshall acknowledged, the six recommendations do provide good starting points, but while they may yield top blogs, the picture will be incomplete. They won’t get you in front of the true conversation. To do that you have […]

WHO Unleashes Global Anti-Smoking Campaign

The World Health Organization released a recent report stating that tobacco use could kill up to a billion people in the 21st century, many of them in developing countries. Financed by Mayor Michael R Bloomberg Foundation, the report and the global anti-smoking campaign details a six-point strategy to fight the tobacco industry. As PR Week […]

We Paws to Chat With Tara de Nicolas About Social Media

On Tuesday, Tara de Nicolas, Director of Marketing and Communications and the Editor/Publisher of the Washington Humane Society (WHS) Blog chatted with us on social media. Tara discussed the WHS blogging campaign, and their five-year plan to find homes for adoptable dogs and cats through the program, Good Home Guarantee. BB: What inspired the Washington […]

Got Social Media?

By now we know that Dell gets it. Southwest, GM and even Delta get it as well. Further proof of understanding social media comes from Southwest and Sprint who are engaging in campaigns for Valentine’s Day that match speed dating with social networking. But there are still a few companies that could benefit from engaging […]

All News is Not Created Equal

For all of the differences that men and women have, a recent Pew study shows that we even read our news differently. Women are more likely to follow stories about weather, health and safety, natural disasters and tabloid news. Men generally stick to stories about international affairs, Washington news and sports. Stories of high public […]