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Now Is Gone Wins Axiom Silver Medal

Please excuse a bit of exciting company news… Now Is Gone won the Silver Medal in the Advertising/Marketing/PR/Event Planning category (#17) of the first annual, 2008 Axiom Business Book Awards! Congratulations to my co-author Brian Solis and Bartleby Press Publisher Jeremy Kay. The Axiom Awards are run by Inc. and Independent Publisher. More than 400 […]

Social Networks Unite and a Little Goodbye

An article in PR Week caught my attention, it always seems to. This week it’s about the social networking and lifestyle-oriented web site www.50millionpounds.com. It’s a joint effort between State Farm Insurance and Dr. Ian Smith, a nutrition expert and media figure, to help Americans, especially Black Americans, lose a collective 50 million pounds. It […]

Strategic Marketers See PR as a Function

Our regularly scheduled interview series will return next week. Some PR folks don’t believe public relations is marketing. And some marketing folks don’t see PR as marketing. But CMOs and marketing departments see PR as a function. In some ways, anyone can find truth in this analysis. PR includes such applications as public information, community […]

Too Little, Too Latte?

Last quarter Starbucks reported a loss of U.S. profits (in store traffic). There could be any number of reasons, from the economy to branding issues, and an increase in competition. With a Starbucks on every corner and products in every grocery store and office building, what makes it special and drives in-store sales? Yesterday, Starbucks […]

Overhype Alert: Twitter

Twitter’s cool. It’s becoming a bit of a darling with the traditional media and bloggers. Growth continues to impress (greater than 750,000). At the same time, its numbers pale in comparison to major social networks. In the case of MySpace, Twitter has less than one percent of its total user accounts. And its penetration within […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Blogs are no longer the only tool that can change your business. B.L. Ochman reports on BusinessWeek’s latest article on how social media can impact your business. However, note in the comments “how many say they still don’t know what a blog is, let alone social media.” Mobile and online video are going to continue […]

Is Hillary Making Gore’s Mistake?

Presidential elections feature the very best in PR strategy.  This one has already seen some brilliant maneuvers, most notably by the Obama camp, but also by Clinton and McCain.  But lately Hillary’s campaign suffers from a negative Rovian attack style criticism strategy, and a certain resolve to separate herself from hubby Bill Clinton, a mistake […]

SMC-DC A Success

Thank you to everyone who came out for February’s Social Media Club DC event. Aaron Brazell of b5media, Technosailor and District of Corruption gave a stellar presentation, and everyone enjoyed some good conversation and questions. I was happy to see many old and new faces, including: Jonny Goldstein (who interviewed me for his post, so […]

Is GM Trying to Control the Conversation?

Is GM trying to control the conversation? According to a recent report in PR Week, GM is holding a series of online chats with environmental critics after it faced scrutiny following the recent launch of its GMnext blog. PR Week says it will focus on topics such as corporate greenwashing and renewable fuels. Communication executives […]

Chris Brogan on the Latest Trends

Social Media Rock Star Chris Brogan uses social media and technology to build digital relationships for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Currently, Chris provides information and serves to business customers around their technology and social media needs. He is easily one of the most well known and recognized voices online today, and consistently delivers great insights. […]