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K.D. Paine Discusses Measurement

K.D. Paine for this week’s Buzz Bin interview. In addition to a new book, she recently released a paper with Pauline Draper and Angela Jeffrey, titled, Using Public Relations Research to Drive Business Results.  From Kami Huyse’s review: It includes six case studies and a measurement matrix that gives suggested measurement tools for specific objectives.  […]

Social Media Release Criticism: Nine Points to Consider

The recent release of the Social Media Group’s Digital Snippets social media release (SMR) template caused a wave of excitement and criticism, both on and off line.  Just to recap some of the posts: Shannon Whitley: "There seem to be more entries in the world of SMNR creation tools, which is great news because we […]

Social Media Can Maximize Ad Dollars

Recession. With the sub-prime fallout spooking the stock market, it’s the word on everyone’s mind this week. The ripple effect has spread well beyond the mortgage industry and now marketing and advertising agencies are tightening their belts as well. Traditional communications agencies are teetering on the brink of recession, with at least four Washington Area […]

A New Take on the Social Media Release

The Social Media Release was a concept started two years ago by PR 2.0 mavens Todd Defren and Brian Solis. The form took on several iterations and has been experimented with by several marketers. It has been discussed quite frequently, has encouraged the wires to engage social media elements, yet has failed to really take […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Office 2.0 shows us what is driving interactive marketers in 2008. Primary factors include top line growth, cost effective marketing programs and leveraging user generated content and web site analytics. Amy Webb at mydigimedia just upgraded her RSS reader to NetNewsWire (for Mac) and she is “in love.” The application stands alone, and is accessible […]

@Bait Throws the Tweeterboard

Every so often there’s a new metric ranking, a way of measuring the power of social media. Now there’s one for Twitter, the Tweeterboard. The Tweeterboard measures "who is influential on Twitter based on their conversations with other Twitter users." Unfortunately, research last week reveal the system can be easily gamed with "@bait." The core […]

Cloverfield Proves Universal Law

In David Ogilvy’s classic "Ogilvy on Advertising" the ad man says that good advertising does two things: Make good products sell faster, and bad products fail quicker. They should call this Ogilvy’s Law as it holds true regardless of marketing discipline or product/service.  This weekend’s Cloverfield reviews provide a great example. In fact, because so […]

Questioning Jeff Pulver

Perhaps you’ve noticed Jeff Pulver’s "Social Media Breakfast" series coming to a town near you. Everyone seems very excited. But there’s a strange element to this series. Is this really the Social Media Breakfast series? Or is it a Jeff Pulver meeting his network tour? The real Social Media Breakfast (SMB) series was started by […]

What’s Your Best Business Advice?

Common Sense PR features a plethora of business advice from “admit when you’re wrong” to “when you say you’re sorry, mean it.” Eric Eggertson asked for the best business advice from his readers and some were so good I thought it was worth repeating, nuggets like “drive by the lines and you’ll drive into a […]

BlogPotomac Slated for June 13 at the State Theater

At last my co-chair Debbie Weil and I are happy to announce BlogPotomac’s date and location. BlogPotomac will be held on Friday, June 13 at the State Theater in Falls Church, Virginia. Sponsored by Livingston Communications, The Point, Viget Labs and WordBiz, Inc., BlogPotomac seeks to provide a local “un-conference” on best marketing practices for […]