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Hit the Road, Jack!

I’ll be out and about quite a bit over the next few months, and hope to meet up with some of you.  The following is my speaking and conference schedule this winter/spring: General Dynamics Information Technology Marketing Meeting (private), lunch keynote on Social Media, February 1 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (attending): February 10-12 PRSA […]

Maggie Fox’s Take on Social Media Releases and More

On Monday, Maggie Fox took some time to talk about social media releases and more.  Our 13+ minute conversation was packed with great insights, and covered the following topics: The launch of the Digital Snippets social media release The general marketplace’s reception to the Digital Snippets template Maggie’s reaction to some of the criticism, including […]

Shannon Whitley Speaks on Social Media Releases

This week we are talking with Shannon Whitley, from the Voice of Tech blog about his experience with the social media release (SMR). Later today, we will also publish a podcast with Maggie Fox from the Social Media Group on the very same topic. Shannon currently works for a global law firm as the HR […]

The Age and Influence of Social Media

It’s been interesting to see the flurry of activity among Web 2.0 consultants and gurus who are attending technology conferences. From CES to MacWorld to DEMO, blogs are nearly bursting with information and updates. Twitter has been on fire resulting in recruiting new users but also contributing to unfortunate downtime. (Photo credit: Flickr) Social media’s […]

Federal Social Media Accelerates

Since the last time we covered federal social media en masse (Federal Blogging Poised to Take Off) your government has done more to embrace the latest communication tools! In fact, the federal government’s social media usage has begun in earnest, and is enjoying a healthy period of adoption (Image credit: Lynn). Consider the following widespread […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

The hot word for the week is widget. At least according to Nick O’Neill at the Social Times and Jeremiah Owyang. Based on their posts, widgets are going to become more important in developing web strategy for various targeted audiences. Michael Morton at Marketing Monster claims that Technorati has become irrelevant. He declares that spam […]

Fifth Estate Trends Continue: Survival of the Fittest Newspapers

In continuing trends outlined in the social media manifesto, “Welcome to the Fifth Estate,” the traditional media establishment continues to respond to social media adoption. Consider the following three news stories from last week: 1) The New York Times lauded fifth estate citizen journalism as innovative means for receiving news.The paper cited presidential campaign use […]

K.D. Paine Podcast Part II

On Thursday, we ran part one of our interview with measurement guru K.D. Paine, author of the new book, Measuring Public Relationships.  In part II we discuss: A tangent between K.D. Paine  and Seth Godin’s Meatball Sundae The power and relevancy of the Cluetrain Manifesto Journalism and blogging tied together K.D.’s favorite blogging moment Her […]

TechCocktail’s Frank Gruber Interview on Now Is Gone

TechCocktail Founder Frank Gruber, (also product manager of social media platforms at AOL) interviewed me recently on Now Is Gone.  This video interview discusses some of the genesis of Now Is Gone, a primer for execs and entrepreneurs on new media! Frank’s blog Somewhat Frank is one of the better social media blogs out there […]

New Fashionable Condom: Must-Have for Fashion Week

  The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is unveiling a new condom brand, Proper Attire, as a fashionable “must” have this season. Featuring a chic package with a unique fig leaf print, the brand is aimed at making women more comfortable buying protection and taking care of themselves. “Social taboos make women embarrassed to […]