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Walk the Talk

I had the great honor of providing a commentary in this morning’s Washington Post, “Action, Not Just Words.” The Washington Post article was based on a Buzz Bin post critiquing the Board of Trade for spinning DC as a green city. There’s more at play here than just green PR. Command and control organizational cultures […]

Seth Godin’s Meatball Sundae

We know there is lots of interest in social media right now from businesses. But there’s also significant hesitation due to lack of case studies and measurement, as well as a general fear of change. Enter Seth Godin‘s Meatball Sundae, his latest book focused on the “New Marketing,” set for a December 27th release. Make […]

Attitude of Gratitude

Rob Lagesse and Kami Huyse have started a Thanksgiving meme about who was most or very influential in your career. Thanks for tagging me, Kami. For me, that would be Victor Watts. I actually blogged about Victor anonymously last year when this blog was still in Diary of an Ad Man mode, chronicling the first […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Lee Odden shows that there is a “method to the madness” of Twitter when it comes to marketing and PR. He also includes a great list of other posts about tools and tricks of Twitter, and some quick tips for users. James Cherkoff at Modern Marketing writes that marketing is no longer in the hands […]

Astroturfing Turkey: Shelfari

Book widget maker Shelfari has been accused of one of the largest astroturfing incidents ever by competitor Library Thing, with a massive astroturf spamming campaign using the handle “schaufferwaffer.” Shelfari CEO Josh Hug admitted astroturf occurred, but blamed an intern: As for the astroturfing, that was an unintended work of an unexperienced but well-meaning intern […]

Opening Identity

Since Internet usage became popular in the mid-nineties, there’s been a great debate about identity versus privacy.  But as time has progressed, demonstrating, verifying and protecting identity has become an increasingly important part of online relationships.  Now more than ever companies, marketers and consumers are concerned about demonstrating identity. Several recent events have driven that […]

The Greater DC Area’s Top Marketing & Social Media Blogs

Six months ago we wrote up the “top 12″ DC marketing, social media and PR blogs as ranked by Technorati authority.  Oh, how little we knew. This new top 12 16 list should demonstrate how strong DC’s social media scene really is! Blogs must be in the Greater Washington area (Baltimore included), must feature marketing related content […]

Keepin On Track

Recently, we were asked to promote Julia Nixon, former Broadway Dreamgirl and award winning artist with the debut of her new cd, ‘Keepin on Track.’ Sounds simple enough. Julia is a story in and of herself. Besides being an award winning artist (receiving a 2007 Helen Hayes award for her role in Studio Theatre’s Caroline, […]

Steve Bridger on the "Buzz" Director

The Buzz Bin went overseas to talk to Steve Bridger, a Social Media Consultant & Online Community Mentor at Sift, in Bristol, UK. He is also the owner of nfp 2.0, a blog dedicated to helping non-profits and social media work together for a common goal. BB: Tell us about the Buzz Director posts? SB: […]

Interesting Ethics Chat at Shel’s Place

Our usual interview did not arrive today (boo!), but we hope to run this in the next day or two so hang in there. In the interim, a pretty cool conversation is taking place over at Shel Israel’s blog today. Shel picked up a thread from Dave Fleet, who asked, “Where’s the line between PR […]