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SMC-DC Recap

Thursday night at Viget Labs in Falls Church, Social Media Club DC met for a presentation by Jim Long (@newmediajim) of Verge New Media on Twitter. Jim is a well-known cameraman and journalist for NBC Universal, and is a great example of someone who uses Twitter the way it was designed to be used. The […]

Silicon Valley Smack Down Coming for Google, Cisco?

Full disclosure: I performed consulting work for Verizon Wireless’s federal division this year. Wednesday’s wireless announcement from Verizon Wireless spawned a huge discussion amongst social media–ites on how this stacks up with Google’s Android initiative. Today, Google’s decision to bid on a wireless WiMax license became public, so this discussion will really take off.  Cisco has already indicated sincere […]

My Black is Beautiful

Procter & Gamble unveils a new campaign that many are calling a ‘movement’ directed at the African American woman. The campaign, My Black is Beautiful, is expected to roll out in 2008 with a conversation tour. The campaign is a great initiative that seems to include everything. Not only will the tour visit select cities, […]

Community Manager Q&A with Connie Bensen

The Buzz Bin spoke to Connie Benson, community manager for the ACDSee blog. ACD Systems has been recognized the world over as the leader in image management and technical illustration software. Connie’s role as community manager give her an opportunity to interact with the community she is a part of, as well as implement and […]

The Buzz Bin’s 500th Post: Beware of Big Britches

We’ve come a long way since the first Diary of an Ad Man post. But rather than wax poetic, let’s get on with the business at hand. Some bloggers who have achieved notoriety start believing their own hype and flaunt unwarranted egotism. The result of these new big britches is an angered readership. They were […]

The Ongoing Battle: MySpace and Facebook

When I logged onto MySpace yesterday, I noticed a somewhat annoying pop-up at my Home dashboard. Friend updates are here. I am now able to view updates of up to 40 of my nearest and dearest, which include notifications when they update their profile, add new photos, music, video, or blogs. A good idea in […]

Facebook’s Lost Way

Facebook has lost its way. The open network that everyone loved to play in has become the latest social media experiment for Madison Ave. And the end result? Angry community members who have found their privacy violated over and over again by Facebook’s new Beacon application. In addition to the much talked about Beacon nightmare, […]

Solis and Livingston on BlogTalkRadio Today

Brian Solis and I will appear today on Mike McGrath’s BlogTalkRadio show at 2 Eastern, 11 Pacific.  We’ll be discussing some parts of the book, namely whether or not social media is right for a corporate culture, as well as the seven principles of community building.  Interested parties who want to talk with Brian and I […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Facebook has come under a lot of fire the past few months, and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better with the new Beacon controversy. Steve O’Hear at ZDNet offers some insight into social networking literacy as well as some commentary on Facebook’s latest negative venture. As social media continues to evolve, and users […]

Leading with Lewis Green

Lewis Green is the founder and managing principal of L&G Business Solutions.  He is also the author of the blog, bizsolutionsplus Featuring Solutions to Grow Your Business. Lewis has three decades of business management experience and is the author of five books. Lewis took some time to talk to the Buzz Bin about his most […]