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How the Buzz Bin Became a Top 20k Blog

Thank you for making the Buzz Bin a top 20,000 ranked blog on Technorati, a measurement based on how many blogs link to you. The top 20k ranking has been a goal since March, when the blog changed its name from Diary of an Ad Man to the Buzz Bin. At the time we were […]

Friday Fun: Goodbye RFK Stadium

The Washington Nationals are moving into a new stadium next year, and so ends 45 years of major professional sports at RFK. We chronicled tonight’s game in a pretty tongue-in-cheek way (warning, PG-13).

BlogPotomac Coming This Spring

You got it, blog friends. We got a hot social media unconference coming to DC. Many more details will follow over the next couple of months! Local blogging star Debbie Weil and I are planning Washington DC’s premier Unconference (more definitions here and here). Naturally, it’s called BlogPotomac. Here’s our unscripted kick-off at a local […]

Privacy vs. Anonymity

I read an interesting commentary in Wired called Lesson from Tor Hack: Anonymity and Privacy Aren’t the Same that got me thinking about a lot of things. In the piece, Bruce Schneier compares anonymity on the Web to that of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He says in AA, although you don’t have to show ID […]

Red Cross Chat with Wendy Harman

Wendy Harman is a senor social media blogger at the American Red Cross and a speaker at the Era of Conversation (October 4, 2007 in Washington).She graciously agreed to do a Buzz Bin interview and talk about what’s new at the American Red Cross, including her new blog Red Cross Chat. This is the first […]

Sinful Bloggers Gather at Flashpoint

Last night at Flashpoint Gallery was the A Spoonful of Sin party, hosted by founder Kelly Harman and former White House Executive Chef Roland Mesnier. Lots of local female CEOs attended, and the party was an absolute blast… including the informal blogger meet-up. “Sinful Bloggers” in attendance included Debbie Weil, Alice Marshall, Kaitlyn Wilkens, Pamela […]

Participation Ethos as a Real Business Model

When I read Doug Meacham’s blog post, “Collaboration and the Power of Social Networks” last weekend, it became apparent to me that this business was practicing many aspects of the participation ethos. So I asked Doug to come over here and tell us about it… Collaboration and the Power of Social Networks by Doug Meacham […]

The Steve Jobs Social Media Paradox

Sometimes there are enigmas that thrive in the face of the supposed natural order. So goes Steve Jobs and Apple’s incredible popularity in the social media realm. Consider these social media principles that we demand of businesses operating within this realm: Do not try to control the message Honesty, ethics and transparencies are musts Participation […]

Now Is Gone Available on Amazon

Now is Gone is on Amazon.com and is available for pre-orders. Woo hoo! Release date has not been officially set yet. And many have asked for autographed copies. We’re working out a way to make that happen. Details on these are forthcoming this week. Social Media All-Star Brian Solis helped me shape the book’s direction, […]

Calling All Social Media Case Studies

Rerun from last night’s Now Is Gone post authored by Communication Overtones’ Kami Huyse. Social Media Ethos: Share and Share Alike Part of participating in social media is sharing. Bloggers such as Todd Defren are rightfully calling for us to share more practical and successful social media case studies. So, last week, I dug up […]