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Get Ready for BlogOrlando

Josh Hallet runs the Hyku social media practice and Hyku blog. An internationally recognized thought leader in the convergence of social media and corporate public relations & marketing, Josh provides social media consulting and development work to Fortune 500 firms. He’s also the creator and organizer of BlogOrlando (Sept. 27-29). We asked Josh some questions […]

Snippets: Jeremiah + Comcast Astroturf Incident

We mentioned that Jeremiah Owyang had a tour de force last week with his Social Network Digest. Well it looks like this may be a weekly feature. Check it out on Web Strategist. One highlight, “There’s a flurry of commentary this month about the need for a Social Graph, a tool that would help transport […]

Summer Fun: Astrologer Jacqueline Bigar Predicts 2008 Presidential Election on The Buzz Bin

Nationally syndicated astrologer Jacqueline Bigar’s forecasts have been read, seen and heard by millions of people via the Internet, television, radio, telephone and national newspaper columns. Syndicated by King Features Syndicate, Inc. in 1991, Ms. Bigar’s newspaper column, Bigar’s Stars, which originated in the Philadelphia Daily News, now appears in more than 200 daily national […]

Soliciting Comments

Increasingly, bloggers are emailing me asking for comments on their blog posts.To date, I have grudgingly obliged. Now, it’s time to stop. Solicited comments hurt the conversation, rather than helping it. Here’s why: 1) No or infrequent comments are a great indicator that readers did not find the post to be worthy of further conversation. […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Jeremiah Owyang gave a virtual tour de force last week with his new monthly, “Digest of the Social Networking Space.” This piece sums up all of the many trends over the past month, including Facebook’s growth, corporate adoption of social media (Wal-mart’s Facebook app.), and the mobile necessity of social media apps. Here’s some choice […]

Let the PR Playoffs Begin: Primary Season

Every year ad execs are rewarded with the Super Bowl. Every four years, PR pros are treated to an even greater event — the presidential election. It’s like baseball (thanks to Ike Pigott for the metaphor suggestion), a great tournament to find our world series representatives, and then the battle royale. PR heroes are made, […]

August’s Most Influential Bloggers

A special edition of Great Blogs of Fire! Last month a post noted the five bloggers that were influencing me the most at that time. It seems like a good idea to recognize influencers, so this will be a continuing monthly feature to be hosted on the Now Is Gone blog. Quick recap: Last month’s […]

The Ad Age Power 150 Rewards Longevity

The Ad Age Power 150 has four primary metrics Google Page Rank (SEO), Bloglines subs (RSS), Technorati score (links), and a subjective ranking from Todd And. You probably think I’m referring to Todd’s ranking. Au contraire. This is about Bloglines. Bloglines is an older RSS reader, yet it is used as a primary metric in […]

Goodbye “Tattoo Bob”

This is my post for the day. We lost a dear sweet friend this week [he’s the one with the tattoos] who will be deeply missed by so very many. Check out his band King Giant. Goodbye, Bob.

Fake Caveman Brings Club, Tells All

The Cavemen show comes out on October 1. The award-winning commercials are hilarious. ABC is using social media to promote the show. And sure enough, a fake Caveman twitter blog has suddenly appeared. We approached our fake neanderthal friend and scored a very revealing interview, including discussion on fake-blogging and the Caveman’s identity. BB: OK, […]