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A Social Media Conversation with Chris Abraham

Chris Abraham’s a pretty well known guy in DC and blogging circles, and we wanted to get him on the Bin for an interview. Chris not only blogs with a punchy, strong recognized voice (Because the Medium is the Message and Marketing Conversation), but he also gives back to the community by teaching blogging classes. […]

Facebook: An East Coast Network

From LComm client FortiusOne: Facebook’s primarily an east coast thing. Please forgive me for sharing, but I thought it was fascinating to see this statistical analysis. It’s amazing when you look at the map and see where the top ten individual metro network memberships: 1. New York, NY = 273530 2. Chicago, IL = 246759 […]

Brand Failures and Why We Love To Laugh at Them

Brand Expectations + Brand Perception = Brand Success/Failure As pointed out by Rich Becker over at Copywrite, Ink. in a case study of Tom Cruise’s fallen brand (The plane crash pic was icing on the cake for this post)… “A brand is the net sum of all positive and negative impressions of the subject,” which, […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

This week we’re focusing on New Media Nouveaux (NMN) bloggers. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the event was interacting with my peers. There’s definitely a sense of companionship, and some of these folks have incredible things to say. In the past, I’ve written-up NMN participants Toby Bloomberg, Aaron Brazell, Alice Marshall (guest blogging on […]

The Federal Blogging Revolution Podcast

Last week, FCW’s Trends in Government Technology radio show on Tuesday featured blogging and social media trends in the public sector. Chris Dorobek, myself and David Wyld, the director of the strategic e-commerce/e-government initiative at Southeastern Louisiana University’s Department of Management. Wyld authored the IBM Center for The Business of Government’s new report, “The Blogging […]

Think Liquid

Now that the book Now Is Gone is completed and speaking engagements have begun, I am often asked what the future of social media will look like. Even though my Mom’s a nationally syndicated astrologer, forecasting the future seems to be dangerous ground. Perhaps science fiction would be the right genre. However, if there was […]

New Media Nouveaux Conference Exceeds Expectations

The New Media Nouveaux Conference has been a magnificent catalyst for conversation.Geoff Livingston gave an insightful introduction to new media – citing case studies from his upcoming book, Now Is Gone.He started by mentioning the impact that social media has on today’s society. Being in the Northern Virginia area, the audience is intimately aware of […]

Burying Negative News Stories & Posts

This actually came up twice in the past 24 hours at New Media Nouveaux and again online via an internal friend’s post at Pownce. Personally, trying to bury the news or negative posts by following up with a flurry of “good” news , posts or other BS is a mistake. Online brand management doesn’t really […]

DC Madam Scandal to Get Worse

FortiusOne’ just posted a heat map displaying the locations of all the “DC Madam” calls in 2001 and 2005 (full disclosure: F1 is a Livingston Communications client). Bloggers who think searchable phone numbers can yield some interesting analysis are correct. What’s interesting to me — and hopefully to other DC–centric and political bloggers — is […]

The Pros of Micropitching Reporters

Engage PR had a post this week about using microblogging as a PR pitch tool. My background is in narrative feature writing, so initially micropitching seems kind of foreign to me. But I to admit – there’s something there. Kyle Flaherty says he’s been using the Twitter model to craft successful story ideas. The 140 […]