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The Summer’s Best Social Media Podcast: Chris Heuer Chats Up "Now Is Gone" Concepts

  “Now Is Gone: A New Media Primer for Executives and Entrepreneurs” will be released in early Fall, 2007. The primary thesis of the book is Chris Heuer’s Participation is Marketing concept. Contributing author Brian Solis guided me towards Chris’s participation post, and the rest is history. In advance of the book, the Social Media […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

You want stats? We got stats. Jeremiah’s Web Strategy highlights a recent Research IT Toolbox study that highlights social media’s increasing strength: “Although IT decision-makers and influencers reference vendor and editorial Web sites more than user-generated content for making purchasing decisions, IT trusts user-generated content more than they do these traditional content sources.” PR’s in […]

Breaking News – Todd And Power 150 Links Up with Ad Age: Index to Become Industry Standard

Just got an email from Todd Andrlik: The Power 150 is joining forces with Advertising Age… The Ad Age partnership will help make the Power 150 an even greater tool (and more powerful) since Ad Age has a dedicated staff, a giant readership and more resources… As an individual who is passionate about marketing, I […]

The A-List Phenomena

The blogosphere and media love the A-List, the top bloggers in the world This esteemed group is comprised of the top 1000 bloggers or so via Technorati’s ranking system. Some go as far as to include the top 5,000. The top 100 are social media royalty. Everyone wants to be A-list worthy, get a mention, […]

Friends, Followers and Openness

The topic of Internet friends or followers has really erupted into a great debate. A lot of very influential bloggers are not thrilled with the random “friending”that Facebook, Twitter, Pownce and other social networks enable. They would prefer to select friends or sign-off on someone following them on Twitter or Pownce. These are people that […]

Eight Random Things Meme

Well, it was inevitable… I got tagged on the Eight Random Things About Me meme by Doug Meacham. I was hoping to avoid this one… but it does seem like frivolous weekend fun. And it was cool to learn more about Doug. Here are the rules: Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. […]

Pownce versus Twitter: And the Loser is MyRagan

The decision has been made, and a little earlier than expected. Specifically, it’s time to fulfill the promise to cut a social network from my regular repertoire. There are too many of them. With a business to run, a book to promote, and a life to maintain, balance required a change. There have been many […]

LComm Summer Intern Andrew Waber Speaks

Our summer intern Andrew Waber discusses his summer experience at Livingston Communications… You can email Andrew at andrew [at] livingstonbuzz [dot] com. Coming into this internship out of my sophomore year, I had never had a class that discussed public relations for more than 15 minutes. I was very interested in sales though, so I […]

Five Must Read Blogs (x2)

A client asked what the absolute five must-read marketing blogs were for a new entrant into the social media realm. When I told him who I read, he said no, the easiest blogs for new readers! An innocent, yet painful question that will force me to dismiss some of my friends. Not fair at all. […]

Washington Post Writes Up Facebook

And doesn’t like the friends’ options. Interesting write up which discusses pros and cons, and highlights that Facebook hit 30 million users this week. We actually wrote up the geography of Facebook briefly yesterday. My one nitpick with this article is the inability to grasp the viral, peering nature of the Internet and social media. […]