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Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

A guest entry written by CustomScoop’s Sarah Wurrey. I am a brand new Twitter devotee, thanks in part to Jim Horton’s latest white paper, a brief yet compelling examination of the possible public relations uses for the popular microblogging site. Jim breaks down the benefits and drawbacks of microblogging, and urges tech followers to hold […]

BlogStraightTalk Initiative to Help Newer Bloggers

On August 6, Richard Becker (Copywrite, Ink.) and I will launch a weekly discussion of the best and worst of blogging content practices. Our hope is to use BlogStraightTalk help newer bloggers quickly grasp best practices, and accelerate valued participation within the communities. BlogStraightTalk is also a great forum for experienced bloggers to add their […]

Why I Chose FSTR

A guest blog entry by Ike Pigott Recently, Geoff asked a bunch of us to help him out with a social media exercise. His call for the creation of a Social Media Syllabus was answered quickly and efficiently, in exactly the manner you’d expect. The nature of social nets had already allowed him to sift […]

Mars versus Venus: Blogging Styles

At a networking luncheon earlier this week, Susan Wranik of Susan I Wranik Associates, LLC gave a great presentation on ‘Are You Sabotaging Your Speaking Power.’ It was about how men and women convey information differently, which can have a big effect on business. Her point was that women often don’t say what they mean, […]

Hot Summer Social Media Radio Show

Last night’s radio show was pretty hot, so give it a listen. We covered a lot of territory around the social networks craze and whether or not businesses can and should participate. And we got into some pretty fun future talk. Thank you very much, Wayne Hurlbert for having me on Blog Business Success. If […]

Poll: Jaiku Wins, But Twitter & Pownce Take the US

So our silly (and very contentious) poll has come to an end a little early, due to our Viget Labs optimization experience. The final tally? Jaiku – 199 Twitter – 97 Pownce – 90 All – 30 None – 17 This map, provided by LComm client FortiusOne’s GeoCommons service (featured on page 23 of July’s […]

Set to Appear on Blog Business Success Tonight

From Wayne Hurlbert’s blog: Blogger and social media expert Geoff Livingston of The Buzz Bin, and author of the forthcoming book on social media titled Now Is Gone, shares insights, with an insider’s first hand experience, of the power of the the new social media tools that can boost your company’s success, as my internet […]

Lon Otremba Delivers Mobile Media Quicksilver

Lon Otremba, CEO of Access 360 Media, is a well-known interactive media pioneer in the Internet publishing, print, television and broadcast music industries. He’s a frequent commentator on interactive marketing and operating strategies, presenting at such events as the Forbes CFO Conference, The Economist Conference, and numerous Business Week, Internet World, and AdTech Conferences. He […]

Innovation Through Social Networking at Procter & Gamble

Look under your kitchen sink, in your medicine cabinet or above your washing machine and chances are you’ll find a Procter & Gamble product. P&G produces over 300 of the best-known commercial products such as: Crest, Charmin, Bounty, Dawn, Swiffer, Tide, Downy, Duracell, Gillette, and the list goes on and on and on. At a […]

Getting Optimized by Viget Labs

Tomorrow you’ll notice a slightly reconfigured Buzz Bin. During New Media Nouveaux, both Toby Bloomberg of the Diva Marketing blog and I ended up in discussions with Viget Labs, the company that built Squidoo for Seth Godin. Our conversation evolved, and Viget Labs offered to provide web optimization services for both of our blogs. We […]