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Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Edgework… What is it? It’s Brian Oberkirch’s approach to product marketing: A “process of interpreting, responding to and integrating the vast and varied feedback modern brands generate.” It seems like a great way to intelligently incorporate the conversation that social media seems to generate. And it touches all aspects of marketing and communications, forcing an […]

Some Like Salt, We Prefer Pepper

Jeremy Pepper’s one of the strongest voices in the public relations blogosphere. Strong blogging vis a vis Pop! PR Jots, great commentary, and leadership backed by actions are just a few of Jeremy’s assets. Further, he gets the community thing, but won’t compromise with idle chat. In a land of spinners, he throws straight. Read […]

Random Agent Zero Experience

One week later, and another strange, but delightful air travel experience. This time my neighbor on this evening’s jetBlue 9 p.m. flight to Oakland was Agent Zero, Gilbert Arenas. Very cool, especially since he was referenced in a recent blog post! A couple of interesting notes. Gilbert writes his own blog. He mentioned he had […]

The Unconference Phenomenon

One way to stand out from the crowd is to do the complete opposite. Remember 7-UP and their success as the “uncola”? Branding yourself as “all the big guys are doing this and you hate it – so we’re doing this and you’ll love it” is a great way to build buzz and more often […]

Blogger Meet-Up Featuring Toby Bloomberg, New Media Nouveaux Podcast

More New Media Nouveax news. Keynote speaker Toby Bloomberg will host a blogger-meet-up vis a vis Success in the City the night before the conference. Toby’s the author of the nationally recognized Diva Marketing Blog (currently ranked 1,678th blog in the world by Technorati). The blogger meet-up will be at the Brio Tuscan Grille at […]

Digital Media Conference – A Success?

The Digital Media Conference last week at AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring, an interesting locale for a conference, was run amok with thirty-something and early forty-something men and women (and a few old timers) wanting to learn more about new media. If the average blogging age is 26, not so surprisingly, there weren’t very […]

AT&T’s Great iPhone Gambit

The Washington Post’s Kim Hart had a superior write-up of the impending iPhone launch this weekend. Less than a week away from the iPhone hitting the market, and people are just going ga ga (including my Twitter friend Ike)! At the time I drafted this, Technorati had 171,136 different posts referring to the iPhone. Wow! […]

Sports Stars Out-Muscle Beat Writers

Some great stories in the Post today, including Mike Wise’s great write up on sports blogs. Wise discusses the successful efforts of Curt Schilling’s 38 Pitches, Kobe Bryant’s KB24, and Gilbert Arenas’ Agent Zero. The tongue-in-cheek conclusion: The battle is over. They now have the pen. We’re flat-out dispensable. Though Wise makes fun of these […]

Now That Steve Rubel Said It, We Can All Participate

Steve Rubel wrote an excellent post this morning on participation is marketing. However, as much as Steve’s the gold standard for mainstream concepts and thought leadership, this is not a new idea. As you know, I am a big proponent of the “Participation is Marketing” approach to PR. I’ve been pushing it, and I can […]

Do Your Past and Future Collide?

There was an excellent posting in Bulldog Reporter telling us it’s time to seize the day – carpe diem. Although it’s an exciting and momentous time to be in the communications business, as I’ve mentioned many times, I’m new to all this. So when Bull Dog Publisher Jim Sinkinson asked, ‘How has our experience prepared […]