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By-Line Articles, Offices and Leadership

Please note our blog site address has changed. Please alter bookmarks as necessary. Additionally, you can still sign up to receive blog entries via email, down below on the right-hand column. I had an opportunity to be of service to some entrepreneurs in the South Arlington Lead Share Association (I’m a member, too), and talk […]

Welcome to the Diary of an Ad Man Page

#1 did it. The new template is up and live! There’s a new Technorati Profile, too. Starting over on the links. Oh well. It’s certainly worth it.

You know you’re busy when..

You know you’re busy when… you are moving into new offices and that day you won’t even be there. Instead you are off-site at a client. I was hoping for more of a soft-launch into the New Year, but in reality this is a quality problem. Thank god for #1. She’s handling it. Brags: Some […]

Plugging Back In

Time to get back into the mix. It can be hard after vacation. Got to try and ease back in, still jetlagged, plus the month will be pretty bonkers, with approximately 30-40K in billings to be performed. This week will be the only opportunity for normality. Managed to turn off work for the most part, […]