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Super Bowl Ad Blogs

It’s always a good day when one of your PR clients is in the Washington Post. And so today begins well. Here’s some of the hotter blog topics I’ve run into this week: AdLand reflects on Super Bowl ads of yore. In the same vein, Kevin Federline’s Super Bowl ad has raised the ire of […]


On November 26th, I blogged a visioning exercise and in the time that has passed I’ve had two of the visions come true. Currently, I’m serving on the board of the Cultural Development Corporation, and yesterday we adopted a rescue pug named Boomer. Additionally, the company moved into offices in Old Town Alexandria on Montgomery […]

Forrester Releases Blogging ROI Report

Ahh yes, marketers are scrambling to tell their CEOs and clients, “This is how blogging impacts your efforts.” Forrester’s Charlene Li published a blog post yesterday on the ROI of Blogging, an mash-up of two Forrester write-ups on blogging. A fascinating report, it raises many questions, including the age old, “How do we really measure […]


We’ve had a couple of breakthroughs with large anchor clients signing up for the year. One’s a mega-government contractor, the other a telecom services company on whose behalf we’ve been executing project work. With these two companies on board we’re in great shape. We need to bolster some of our own technical knowledge and proficiency […]

How People Treat You as the President

Part of live-blogging a start-up is relating real experiences and decisions that happen to you along the way. When you start running a company, people treat you differently, even some of the folks with whom you already had standing relations. Suddenly, you are the president in their eyes. Why? I don’t know, it’s not like […]

PR Blog Links

This week I wanted to get some relevant PR blog links out there (hat tip to Patrick for some of these suggestions): Strumpette: Yes, it’s PR and some very pointed swipes at the big boys. Good blog read for those in the biz. Here’s a funny quote from the current entry, “Here’s the deal; since […]

Branding Elements

We’re doing quite a bit of branding right now, which is allowing us to delve into lots of primary and secondary research. Branding requires a few key components: An understanding of what a brand really is. Boil down all of the hype, all of the industry jargon, and you get down to one simple thing: […]

MLK Monday

It’s Saturday, due to some home repair and other factors, I switched my day off. All good as they say. Still I am writing for Monday’s entry, and it’s an unusual one, Martin Luther King Day. Certainly I hope most folks will take a moment to remember the great impact this man had on our […]

Army Corps of Engineers Sites Construction for June Floods

The Washington Post just published a story citing contstruction as the primary cause of the flooding that almost wiped out my business (and my home) last June. For those of you following the blog for a while, you know this is big news. Yeah, so much for the denial published last fall by VDoT. Looks […]

Self-Care and Productivity

Went to the gym last night for a very long workout. It felt great. It’s so important to take a break and work off the stress. When there’s this much going on, it’s tempting to work straight through… however, I find that taking the time for self-care such as morning meditation, and 3-4 work-outs a […]