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Governor Kaine + Favorite Authors

Check out this photo of me with Governor Kaine at an NVTC Telework event on Tuesday. Thanks to NVTC photographer Tia Gibbs for sending me this shot. A little fun on this Thursday. Here’s an interview featuring my favorite authors and books with Home Mortgage Consultant, Rick Dassler, author of Neighbors Serving Neighbors. Also, check […]

Nationals New Creative: Check It Out!

Sorry folks, I was asked to take down the logo until MLB gets sign off. Still Washington Nationals new advertising agency of record White & Partners campaign creative for the 2007 season is fantastic! I love the tie-in to American past time/national pride. Simply brilliant. And the Pledge Your Allegiance tag is awesome. It’s about […]

Al Golin on the Biz, Brags

Want to read a great article? Check out Bull Dog Reporter’s write up from Al Golin of Golin Harris fame on what lessons he’s learned in the biz. Some points I liked: “I’ve always hated the cliché, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Everyone should have the courage to change things before they have […]

A Visioning Exercise

Part of my very restful holiday break was a visualization exercise that included a collage of images. Not only am I seeing where the company will be, but also how success will embody itself in my personal life. To help me, I’ve captured a collection of photos and images to really see this success in […]

Couple of Brags

One of my photograph’s is the masthead photo on DCBlogs today. We also had a client’s photo prominently focused under the masthead of the Washington Post business section today! Not bad at all.

The Circus Called Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Short week this week, and that’s a good thing. The forced rest will be welcomed. Though, I did rest this weekend a bit. The masthead photo for this entry was a snap shot after an a.m. meeting in DC on Friday. Welcome to the circus called entrepreneurial endeavors (sorry, I could not resist, that’s really […]

Industry Cleans It Up a Little

Good to see the industry is cleaning up its act a little bit with its marketing towards children. Checkout today’s Washington Post article on ad industry reform. There’s marketing, and then there’s exploitation.

When Your Body Revolts

One of my mid-week blog entries usually features marketing blogs of interest. Here’s this week’s: The Advertising for Success blog researches advertising trends before they become buzz worthy Ad Jab discusses advertising news, most recently the demise of ad guy. Business update I had a reader ask my wife how it’s really going. Is the […]

Is GM’s Fastlane Blog Keying Recovery?

If you didn’t know yet, General Motors is leading the U.S. big three in the race to recovery and prosperity. Fueling recovery has been cost cutting mechanisms and future investments in new green technologies. Along with GM’s investment decisions is an increasingly cooler brand perception amongst younger buyers. Yes, that’s right, a better brand perception. […]

Brief Remarks on Business Blogging

Geoff Livingston’s Remarks on November 9, 2006 to the CXO Forum on Business Blogging Traditionally, generating buzz has been a function of public relations. The value of public relations is its ability to generate credibility for a corporation’s brand through third party vehicles (i.e. press, films, speaking engagements and now blogs). The dot com crash […]