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Mavericks Win

If you are a regular reader of this blog why keep clicking on the URL, or come through my web site? On the right column, below links to other blogs there’s an email sign-up feature that will send you Diary entries the day after publishing. OK on to the week’s first entry with quotes (some […]

It’s Been Gizoogled!

Some late week laughs for you. Check out www.gizoogle.com. It translates any web site into Snoop Doggy Dog talk. For example, my last posting on getting a link from Wonkette: A Kiss frizzay Wonkette In tha blizzog world there’s nuttin’ like a kiss from Wonkette. Thanks, mah lady. posted by Geoff_Lizzle at 10:27 PM 0 […]

A Kiss from Wonkette

In the blog world there’s nothing like a kiss from Wonkette. Thanks, my lady.

Jazz Festival, Blogs of Note

The 2006 Duke Ellington Jazz Festival kicks off tomorrow and runs through the weekend. Last year I publicized the event, but due to my departure from xxxx firm, this year was not meant to be. See photo of me working the Festival on the National Mall last year. We had 40+ plus media in attendance. […]

It’s All About Equity

Got some great news on Friday. A friend of mine (and we already have an established track record of successful work integration together) extracted herself from her job last week, and wants to be a part of Livingston Communications. How cool is that? Best part is she’s a brilliant, experienced Internet marketing person, and can […]