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Treat Databases Like New Shoes

It’s Sunday, and I am trying to clear client work off my desk to get to some proposals. But before I get there it’s time to update my database, an activity that occurs every two-three weeks here at Livingston Communications. To me this is one of the most important activities for the company. When I […]

My Ferrari

Went to the NVTC Fall Fusion Fest last night at Ferari of Greater Washington. A thoroughly enjoyable networking event, though sometimes conversation wandered a bit. Hmm, Ferrari, Lambroghini or Maserati. Tough choices. Business is good this week. Very zapped today, but need to rev it up as I have many afternoon appointments, including a board […]

Viget’s Top Ten Web 2.0 Blogs

Thanks to fellow blogger, “The Running Babe,â€? for her photography skills at the Greater Washington Board of Trade’s Fall Business Classic. I finally have a photo I like enough for my blog portrait. Here’s a hot local blog from Internet & Marketing firm Viget Labs. They are big into the internet marketing and web 2.0 […]

Fall Foliage Triggers Instincts

It was a gorgeous weekend in Washington. The leaves have really begun to turn, the weather was in the sixties, and the air had that first little nip of winter in it. It’s really one of my favorite seasons, and I can’t wait for next weekend when we will likely see peak foliage. According to […]

One More Dissemination Tactic

In my previous Five Musts entry I forget a growing and important tactical tool to disseminate buzz: Wireless. Number 10 may be the last method, but it is by far the least. Consider the infinite possibilities with address books and the ability to send data. Thanks to #1 for reminding me! Here’s a hot communications […]

Five Musts to Build Buzz

OK, as promised, a part II blog entry. A lot of this is part of my presentation at the Northern Virginia Technology Council tomorrow morning. Seeing as most companies cannot meet the successful news release requirements outlined in Sunday’s entry, they need to get out of the old news release box and embrace newer methods. […]

The Departed Best Since Raging Bull

Very rarely do I write outside the scope of the blog, but after having seen The Departed last night I must say this was the best Scorsese film since Raging Bull! Yeah, there was a little film in between called Goodfellas. As a true Scorsese fan, I see all of his flicks in the theater […]

The News Release’s Diminished Value

“All our servers got swamped – that was one big snow ball… many thanks for getting it started.â€? The result of a blogging campaign last week, creating one happy customer. Had another favorable customer result last week, the successful win of a prestigious executive award. This is the stuff that makes it all worthwhile. Very […]

Musings at the End of the Week

See Pam Slim on Sprint’s failed product placement (dated 10/7) in the blogosphere. A lesson for all marketers that needs to be noted: If you use the blogosphere for promotion, make sure you have a good product. Marketing — regardless of the tactic — only works if the product or service fulfills its promise. One […]

Romance or Plato?

Got a wink from Potomac Flacks. PF author Adam Kovacevich and team mate Jennifer Horowitz are some of the good folks working over at Dittus, a high quality PR firm. So if you must use a larger, more established firm than mine (which you really don’t, but that’s OK, I understand), check them out. Speaking […]