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Thoughts on Friday’s Upson, Davis Story

About half of my business is B2G so I pay attention to the industry. Anyone in B2G knows about the Washington Post’s expose of Representative Tom Davis and Don Upson’s relationship, and the insinuated violations this relationship is causing in the B2G tech marketplace. A few of points of analysis from a PR perspective: 1) […]

Five Things to Jump Start a Week

OK, so the week is beginning (Yes, it’s Sunday, but as a start-up, weekend work is the norm). So I figured that mixing this up a little bit would be fun, so here are my top five ways to jump start my week. Exercise: Begin the week with a long bike ride or a thorough […]

Trickling Flood Ink Continues

Just continuing to document additional flood coverage, this time via the Associated Press’s Brian Westley in the Examiner papers throughout the country and online. The story was also run in the Virginia Pilot and Channel 13 in Hampton Roads. Locally, channel 4 also picked up the Governor’s response to our petition. Of course, local scoop […]

Preparing for Successes

One of the things I am working on is preparing for more work. The what if scenario looms over me currently, so its important to be prepared for the short-term hit as well as begin the long-term build-out plan. Yesterday, I met with a 1099 PR counselor, one I know from my previous days at […]

Source Material on Starting Up

Crazy day yesterday… things are really back up at full-speed now, and work is very active. The blogging advertising project is on, transferring heavy traffic to sustainable advertising revenue should be an interesting challenge. We will be using an NPR model. This is my tenth client. Looks like Escape from Cubicle Nation’s Pam Slim will […]

Huntington Flood Publicity Works…

Looks like the pro bono publicity conducted on behalf of my neighbors for the Huntington Floods worked out. I received a letter from Virginia Secretary of Transportation Pierce Homer indicating that Governor Kaine has ausked VDoT and the Woodrow Wilson bridge project conduct an investigation on the project’s impact on the flood, and report the […]

End of First Quarter

Played hookie this afternoon and went to see the Pirate movie. It was lame, and I split to meet my wife at 6, but I did enjoy the down time. Won a small personal client today, an old contact who just called me out of the blue. Nice. That makes nine total clients so far […]

Pitch Energy

The brand report is in, woo hoo. Now on to media training and white papers. Yeah! The big pitch went well, in fact I am writing now because I was so pumped up for the past couple of days that I can’t sleep. Unfortunately, I found out the hardest competitor in the market is up […]

In the Weeds and Loving It

Ahhh, yes. In the weeds, and loving it. Currently, hanging out with the pitch team for the big Fortune 100. It’s coming together pretty nicely, I’d say. Tomorrow afternoon is the moment of truth, but in the interim we are bonding, making sure that we seem like a natural team in the pitch (as opposed […]

The Rhythm of Consistency

I feel like I’m back in the zone. Things are moving, working hard again, with new business opportunities tracking, and good work being developed. The brand report is evolving nicely, and hopefully the client will agree with the quality of work and messaging, too. Tuesday is deliverable day… Yes, locked in once more. In reflection, […]