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A Woolly Day

Today was a Woolly day as I met with the managing director for Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington, DC. I love the tagline… Defy Convention! Very fitting for this progressive stage, one of the best production companies in the area. My wife and I are season ticket subscribers, and couldn’t be happier. If you haven’t […]

Top Feature on DC Blogs

Diary of an Ad Man is the top featured blog on DC Blogs today!

Strategic Glimpses

Things have been very successful to date, partly because of experience, part strategy, part extraordinary effort working both ends of the metaphorical candle, and perhaps the largest part goodwill and relationships developed over the years (thank you to everyone who has helped me). The results have been phenomenal, creating a good beginning. Start-ups are a […]

Networking, an Essential Business Tool

I had the pleasure of having lunch with the first person to get me involved in networking organizations, beginning with the Northern Virginia Technology Council. It was 1999, seven years ago, and man, how much has my life changed. So has my friend Ann’s. What a big heart and good soul this person has, and […]

Twelve Rules for Building My Business

It’s funny how some people will try to build a business. They may or may not have a vision, and they can want it so bad that they will do anything to get there, including engaging in unscrupulous activities. For me, it’s important to have the rules of engagement clearly defined. Here are the twelve […]

Which Car Are You?

How many times have I been in branding meetings and inevitably people start to use cars in an effort to convey the brand assets. The idea is to select a car that the company is most aligned to from a messaging perspective. Note: No ever says, “You know, my company is the PT Cruiser of […]

Knowledge Yields the Best Returns

Here’s the Monday morning blog, posted a little early due to an a.m. meeting tomorrow in DC. Recently, I had the opportunity to learn a little about Ben Franklin, one of the country’s most well-liked, important men, an industrious fellow who is considered by many people to be America’s foremost contributor to the world’s philosophic […]

Caitlin, the Sales Manager

Took a break last night from the weekly activities to have dinner with my wife, Caitlin. Of all the interests and hobbies that the start-up has required me to put on pause, my relationship with her is the one that I refuse to sacrifice. Simply put, she comes first. If you don’t have your spouse […]

Some Hire Public Relations Officers

We are close to landing a cover story in BusinessWeek for a client. Proof’s in the pudding, but if that happens… Wow, one for the framer! I did not pitch the reporter directly, though I did write the pitch. It would be the second major cover story in nine months for which I wrote the […]

Thank You for Smoking, Machiavelli

If you are a marketing or PR professional and you have not seen “Thank You for Smoking (www2.foxsearchlight.com/thankyouforsmoking/), then buy your tickets ASAP. This movie is to marketing what Glenngary Glen Ross is to sales professionals, minus the pan-ultimate Alec Baldwin scene. Really, Smoking has many tips, strategies and tactics to glean from its script, […]