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Scarpias and Iagos

Ahh, the opera. It was great taking my wife to the Met this weekend in New York, and Tosca was simply stunning. Getting away and enjoying ourselves for a little while was very needed, and at the same time it made me realize how lucky I am to have her by my side in this […]

The Strangest Secret

It’s the middle of the day, and this is my “lunch break.â€? We have an exciting breaking story for client #1 with Red Herring magazine, a great publication if there ever was one. We’ve scored in the neighborhood of 16-18 interview opportunities for these folks, but we are not done yet. If there is a […]

Winning Attitudes: Positively Focused and Learning

It’s late and I’m still at it. If you notice the times on the blog postings, they are Pacific time. Add three hours (and a small fiddle), please. There seems to be an amazing amount of energy required by a start-up, yet there is always enough to take me to the next activity. And I […]


WOW! I think I saw that word pop across my email box fifteen times today, usually in caps. The launch definitely caught a lot of people by surprise. Overall, the response was tremendous; I had to upgrade my outgoing email relay three different times today, with a total volume of close to 400 emails. I […]

Tomorrow It Begins

Its the day before the launch, and there is great anticipation about going out into the market as Livingston Communications, LLC. The result of five feverish weeks of work, this new corporate entity represents the distillation of my 13 years in the marketing and public relations business, the past seven in agencies. And with the […]