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12/5/12: PR Experts Invited to Share Their #bestPRday in 2012

By Darby Brignac (@darbydarbydarby)

As 2012 comes to a close, it’s natural for us to reflect on the past year and prepare for the future.

TIME.com’s Techland recently shared its choice of best websites in 2012. Revolver Magazine recapped its top picks for best 2012 music videos. This list of best travel locations by National Geographic may influence your future travel destinations.

But, what was your best moment in 2012?

As PR professionals, we get to work across different industries and have a variety of interesting experiences.  Some of you may have planned and executed a grand event such as NYC Fashion Week, others have significantly grown a business’ reputation through media relations or successfully recruited a celebrity to endorse your non-profit cause. The point is, we each have a PR career accomplishment we’re proud of this past year. So why not share it?

Which is why on Wednesday, December 5, CRT/tanaka is encouraging PR professionals to share their most favorite moment in 2012 over Twitter. As a whole, #bestPRday is a great way for all of us to reflect and take away some of the top PR trends and celebrate achievements in the industry.

How It Works

On Wednesday, @crttanaka will employ the Twitter hashtag #bestPRday to post tweets from employees, recalling their favorite moments they experienced while at work. Posts will capture a variety of memorable moments from CRT/tanaka employees.

How to Join

Everyone in PR is invited to share their personal best work moment from 2012. Moments can range from knockout media placements to learning something new, to photos from a breathtaking event. You can search #bestPRday in Twitter or log into www.tweetchat.com to follow the hashtag conversation and read up on other PR practitioners’ achievements in 2012.

Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard once said, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” As we get ready for great work in 2013, let’s remember how far we’ve come.

So let’s hear it: what was your #bestPRday in 2012?

Image credit: Milwaukee Magazine.

About Darby Brignac:

Darby Brignac is an Account Coordinator for CRT/tanaka’s Health Practice. She assists with media relations and social media outreach efforts for several clients, including American Physical Therapy Association, Universal American and Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health System. Prior to joining CRT/tanaka, Darby worked for the Indiana State Senate, informing the media about senate affairs and managing the senators’ website initiatives.

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